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New Vauxhall Frontera Coming Soon: Specs, price and release info

Vauxhall promises ‘back to the future’ as it revives Frontera name for a new all-electric SUV

Those with long memories may remember the original Vauxhall Frontera from the early 90s and as pictured below, this being a somewhat crude and basic SUV based on a rebadged Isuzu and soon outclassed by more modern rivals like the original Land Rover Freelander. In that context it’s perhaps a strange choice by Vauxhall to revive the name but maybe it’ll be second time lucky with this all-new model which, we’re promised, will be “a fun car with clever functional features” with a full battery-electric version in the range.
• Information is currently scarce on the new Frontera but it will join Vauxhall’s existing SUV line-up and the new Grandland, also due this year • Apparently a “rugged interpretation” of Vauxhall’s brand values, we’d speculate the return of the Frontera name reflects the fact this will be more trad SUV than crossover • No information yet on what will power the new Frontera, beyond confirmation there will be a pure electric version available from the start • Expect more information on the new Frontera very soon – watch this space for more details!

Design and models available

At the time of writing there’s not a whole lot to go on but the new Frontera looks to follow the SUV formula of tall, blocky lines with a boxy rear end suggesting it will be a bigger model, perhaps rivalling the likes of the new Kia EV9. We’ll have to see whether it matches that car’s seven-seater family cred, but the clear suggestion is that the new Frontera will be a rugged and practical addition to the Vauxhall range.

Interior and tech

Again, not much information as yet but Vauxhall hints at the new Frontera being spacious and practical, and designed to “appeal to customers with an active lifestyle and families alike”.

Batteries/range or engines

Reading between the lines of Vauxhall’s boast of a pure electric version we’d infer there will also be combustion-engined models at the outset, most likely using some sort of hybrid power given the looming cut-off for sales of non-electric vehicles.

Price and release

The short press release is full of phrases like “affordable mobility” and “being offered at an attractive price” to reinforce Vauxhall’s reputation as a value brand. More on this when we get it!

What other cars from Vauxhall are due this year?

Having refreshed its Corsa and added full electric versions of its Astra hatch and estate to the range Vauxhall is next turning its attention to the Grandland, a new version of which is also coming this year.

What other cars that are upcoming will this compete with?

Hard to say until we know more about the Frontera, but based on what we know already we’d speculate this will be up against more practically-minded electric SUVs like the Kia EV9 and hybrid equivalents like the Hyundai Santa Fe.