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New Lexus LF-ZC Coming Soon: Specs, price and release info

Next-generation of Lexus electric cars previewed with sleek-looking LF-ZC

Dan Trent

Words by: Dan Trent

Published on 4 December 2023 | 0 min read

We’re fresh back from the rather grand sounding Kenshiki Forum, an annual event where Toyota and Lexus show off future product and the technology supporting them. Among the new cars on show was this, the LF-ZC, a sleekly luxurious four-door coupe built on next-generation electric hardware and running a brand-new operating system to help personalise the car to your particular needs.
• Officially a concept, the LF-ZC and its LF-ZL SUV partner preview the looks and technology for a new generation of Lexus electric cars coming in 2026, all promising “more from less” according to senior execs • Simplified structure underneath enables sleek new styling on top while yoke-controlled One Motion Grip steering system from the RZ450e creates futuristic interior • Too early to say how fast or powerful the LF-ZC will be, though promise of next-gen batteries and motors should move the game on • New ‘Arene’ operating system pulls together all the car’s electronics and helps integrate them into your own digital profile for full personalisation • Lexus says this is the “forerunner of a new production model due for launch in 2026” • No word on pricing yet but don’t expect it to be cheap!

Design and models available

A low-slung, fastback style four-door coupe the LF-ZC very much picks up from current day rivals like the Porsche Taycan and related Audi E-Tron GT and into the next generation of electric luxury cars. The styling is a clear evolution of Lexus’s current look, with bold surface detailing that looks like clean slices of bodywork have been removed with a single sweep of a Samurai sword. Long, low and sleek the LF-ZC is built on a new three-piece structure with the battery pack suspended between two ‘gigacast’ modules that replace the 170-odd parts used to build the subframes of current cars. This speeds up production and saves weight, the fear being these single structures could be vulnerable to accident damage as even a minor knock could take out a whole section of the car. Lexus says it’s thought round this and energy absorbing protection will prevent your LF-ZC being written off after even a small accident.

Interior and tech

Where certain manufacturers have simply swapped the regular steering wheel for a yoke because it looks futuristic Lexus has been sweating the hard development hours to ensure it actually works, and you can do all your steering without crossing your arms. We’ve already tried the system on the RZ450e in prototype form and, while it takes a little getting used to, it’s very impressive. Taking the idea and running with it the interior of the LF-ZC is built around the steering yoke, with phone style tablets either side for your instruments and controls. Another, larger screen sits nearer the passenger and acts as an infotainment hub, all controlled by a new, AI-powered operating system. This enables seamless voice activation and ‘learning’ the driver’s preferences in driving style, journeys, driving position and screen configurations, pre-empting your needs so the information you want is there before you knew you needed it.

Batteries and range

Too early to say what kind of power, performance or range this next-gen technology will deliver, but you’d hope for ‘more’ and ‘faster’ for everything! Combined with the One Motion Grip steer-by-wire system Lexus has said a version of its Direct4 all-wheel drive system will balance the output of the motors on each axle to tune the handling and responses to your preferences and the conditions. The operating system can, meanwhile, change the ambience of the car via the sound and other sensory feedback for a truly personalised driving experience.

Price and release

Watch this space, but start saving now because it likely won’t be cheap!

What other cars from Lexus are due this year?

The whole Lexus range has been updated lately but attention will inevitably focus on the RZ450e, which is carrying the weight of the brand’s electric future on its shoulders for now. Expect additional models of this car, with a new rear-wheel drive variant and the introduction of the finished version of the yoke-controlled One Motion Grip system.

What other cars that are upcoming will this compete with?

While the LF-ZC looks similar to existing electric super coupes like the Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron GT in format and spirit by the time it launches it will likely be facing a new generation of both, evolutions of cars like the Mercedes-Benz EQS also likely rivals.

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