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Most Reliable Brand 2022 - Lexus

Find out why Lexus is the 2022 winner of the Most Reliable Car

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Published on 9 June 2022 | 0 min read

Cars are getting more complicated than ever, and even some previously respected names are struggling to maintain the all-important reliability owners crave as we move into the tech age. Lexus is standing firm, though, and is our Most Reliable Brand of 2022.
That it inherits this title from its parent brand Toyota feels only appropriate as well, given both have long been associated with building dependable cars owners can rely on. From the very beginning Lexus was created as the ultimate in both quality and reliability, created as a luxurious twist on Toyota’s existing reputation for engineering excellence. To this day it's something owners clearly appreciate. Time and again this dependability came up as a reason for loving Lexus, one customer summing the appeal up as “the reliability, the safety and the comfort features – also the brand reputation and the customer service from the dealer.” You can’t say fairer than that.