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New BMW M2 CS video review

Rory Reid finds out if the BMW M2 CS is worth the £75,000 price tag in our latest video review.

Published on 16 October 2020 | 0 min read

The BMW M2, one of the finest sports cars in recent times, is being discontinued ahead of a new version.
But before that makes its debut, the M2 is going for a final hurrah with the new BMW M2 CS.
What’s changed?
Visually, there are plenty of upgrades including a carbon fibre roof and bonnet and a ducktail spoiler at the back.
Other changes to the M2 CS include: • an uprated engine from the BMW M3 • an M Active Differential, which determines and sets the level of lock • a carbon fibre front brace • forged 19-inch wheels, with Michelin Cup 2 tyres
Is the BMW M2 CS worth the price?
At £75,000, the BMW M2 CS needs to be good.
As soon as you get in the cockpit, you feel like you’re in a driver’s car. The driving position is perfect, the thick steering wheel gives a solid sense of ownership when driving, and the seats support you in a way that makes you feel fully integrated into the driving experience. A lot of your money is going on the engine, which is similar to the S55 used in the standard M2 Competition – but has been considerably beefed up. There are a couple of transmission options. Go for the six-speed manual and you can get 0-62 in four seconds. Choose the DCT Dual Clutch and you could get 0-62 in 3.8 seconds. You also stand to get 550 Newton-metres of torque, which is impressive considering the size of the car.
What’s the BMW M2 CS like to drive?
There’s a duality to the M2 CS’s driving style: the sharp fun of a sports car blended with the heft of a muscle car (once the traction is switched off).
Oversteer is predictive, and the balance is spot-on – especially when compared to the old M3 and M4s. For the full verdict, watch Rory’s video review and check back for our full expert review soon.
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