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  • tickCheapest new M Car, but still a ‘proper’ M Car
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BMW M2 Coupe (2016 - )

The M2 is a superb car that does all the things a performance car – and, more particularly a BMW M car – should do: it’s fast, fun and pretty raw. True, the firm ride may put off some potential buyers, but if you’re a red-blooded petrolhead, you won’t be out off by such minor inconveniences. Instead, you’ll revel in the speed, the sound and the sharp handling; and at this price you could even call it a bargain.
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BMW M2 interior

Space, materials, boot size and comfort.

BMW M2 performance

Power, handling, fuel and range.

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Truth is, there are no major criticisms of the M2, just the odd disappointment, and chief among those is the cabin. What BMW describes as ‘deliberately understated’ translates to us as ‘a bit too much like a standard 2 Series’ – even when the standard black leather sports seats have contrasting blue stitching and there’s a liberal smattering of ‘M’ logos throughout the cabin. The additional 'carbon effect' trim seems rather aftermarket, and the steering wheels is needlessly thick. Otherwise, the M2’s links with the regular 2 Series are no problem: there’s decent room for a couple of six-foot adults in the front seats; and, with the optional two-pedal DCT transmission, the driving position is good, without the more cramped footwell and annoyingly offset position you get with the manual-gearbox car.

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