Cities are especially demanding environments for owning and driving a car, and require a combination of comfort, technology and practicality to help ease the strain of stop-start traffic, parking and daily chores.

The popular Mini Hatch feels built for city streets and scored well in this category, while the combination of Mercedes luxury in a compact package also saw the A-Class do well. But our winner is the Renault Captur, its blend of style, compact proportions and comfort all popular with owners.

“I love being that bit higher – visibility is better,” said one. “It’s really easy to park and drive but doesn’t feel like a small car,” commented another, while “the amount of space in a small footprint” was also mentioned. Across the board comfort was highly rated in the Captur, an important attribute if you’re spending a lot of time in your car and helping to take the stress out of urban driving.

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