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Bentley Continental GT Speed video preview

Rory takes a first look at the 2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed, the "most dynamic Bentley road car in history".

Bentley claim the new Continental GT Speed is its “most dynamic road car in history” and, at first glance, has a wealth of upgrades to back that up. So, when all is said and done, is this really the fastest Bentley?
Ahead of the full review, we take a first look at the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

Bentley Continental GT Speed engine

As the new top model in the Continental line up, the Bentley Continental GT Speed provides as much comfort as current models but adds speed by cranking up Bentley’s most powerful engine (the six-litre W12) and tuning it to make 659 ps (PferdStarke, literally horse strength in German, which is a metric measure of horsepower). That’s 24 ps more than the current GTW 12.
The Continental GT makes more power by delivering maximum boost pressure over a wider rpm, which means the boost pressure is essentially the same but keeps going for longer. Put simply: the higher you rev, the longer you hold those revs and so the more you’ll feel that performance. The Bentley Continental GT Speed offers the same torque, at 900 Nm, as current models but will do 0-62 in 2.6 seconds and top speeds of 208 mph flat out.

Bentley Continental GT Speed: what’s changed?

The Bentley Continental GT Speed has several notable upgrades designed to improve handling.
This is the first time Bentley has used an electronic rear limited slip differential in the GT’s chassis. It’s introduced this for better traction through corners, and also assistance when skidding. The GT Speed is also the first Continental to have all-wheel steering. The rear wheels can turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds for better manoeuvrability, or they can move in the same direction as the front wheels (at higher speeds) to improve stability. There’s also torque vectoring, which brakes the inside wheels in the middle of the corner to help the car rotate. Bentley have added 48-volt active anti-roll stabilization, which literally pushes the outside wheels down in a corner to help keep the body flat through the bend. In addition to these, the Bentley Continental GT Speed has a quicker steering ratio – meaning it should feel more agile, despite weighing 2,200 kg.

Bentley Continental GT Speed design

Speed has been incorporated into the Bentley Continental GT’s design too. You can tell it’s faster just by looking at it – which is just what you want from a car like this.
The radiator and lower bumper grilles have a dark tint finish for a sportier look, which is amplified by speed badges on the side, illuminated Bentley tread plates on the sills, and new 22-inch Speed wheels available with bright silver or dark gloss insides.

Bentley Continental GT Speed price and release date

Price has yet to be confirmed, but with the amount of tech this version has added – expect to see a price jump of around £30k.
The Bentley Continental GT Speed will be available to order in 2022.

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