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Bentley Bentayga

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Bentley Bentayga Hybrid (2020 - )

Bentley’s stated intention to become a “global leader in sustainable luxury mobility” before the end of the decade looks an especially challenging goal given its cars are, traditionally, powered by indulgently powerful and thirsty petrol engines. But by 2026 it promises the entire range will be either plug-in hybrid or fully electric, making this battery-assisted version of the updated Bentayga a very important car for the brand. Combining all the luxury, status and stature you’d hope for in a Bentley, the hybrid can also cruise on electric power alone for around 25 miles or cover big distances with a combination of that and a powerful petrol engine for what in theory is the best of both worlds. Read more on the rest of the Bentayga range here.
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Any Bentley is, of course, a huge indulgence but the hybrid Bentayga at least lets you own one with a clean conscience or, at least, greatly reduced tax bill. Thank the 82g/km CO2 rating for that, this alone slashing your Benefit In Kind liability compared with the 302g/km of the equivalent V8 if you’re running it on the company. Or, more likely, your company. In day to day driving the ability to cover around 25 miles without firing up the petrol engine at all will help cut costs, though for your typical Bentley owner the convenience of not having to fill it up all the time will be of greater importance. Based on usage patterns of the previous Bentayga Hybrid, Bentley asserts that the majority of journeys were carried out in the EV mode, and 90 per cent of owners travel less than 30 miles a day so could conceivably treat it as an electric vehicle with the bonus of an onboard petrol engine for longer trips. Be aware that if you do the economy quickly dives, and on a 220-mile motorway trip we only saw 28mpg. Horses for courses but where the hybrid suits city or suburban driving if you regularly cover big miles you might actually be better off sticking with the petrol V8.

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