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I Bought One 2 years ago

My car is a… Porsche 968

As an artist blacksmith, Melissa Cole has some very particular needs when it comes to the car she drives. It turns out that one car suits her perfectly, but it’s not what many will be expecting…
R35 Nissan GT-R I Bought One 4 years ago

I Bought one – R35 Nissan GT-R

Adnan Ebrahim, the CEO and Founder of online car community Car Throttle, takes us for a drive and tells us about why he loves his tuned, 600bhp R35 Nissan GT-R, and what he plans to do with it in the future
Land Rover Defender I Bought One 4 years ago

I bought one - Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is an automotive icon in the truest sense of the phrase. But what’s it like to own one? James Clark tells us
I Bought One 4 years ago

I bought one: Volkswagen T3 Syncro

Lloyd Tulloch has been a serial buyer and seller of VW Campers, but here he dishes the dirt on his rare T3 Syncro that could be sticking around for a while.
Supercars of London Audi R8 I Bought One 5 years ago

I bought one - Audi R8

Auto Trader talks to internet vlogger and Supercars of London owner Paul Wallace about what it's like to buy and live with his first supercar
Lotus Exige I Bought One 6 years ago

I bought one - Lotus Exige

Buying a Series Two Lotus Exige is a lifelong ambition achieved for Quintin, so is ownership all it’s cracked up to be?
Jaguar E-Type I Bought One 6 years ago

I bought one - Jaguar E-Type

Six years after she realised her lifelong ambition of owning an E-Type, Sarah Dowding still loves her classic car
Alpina D3 I Bought One 6 years ago

I bought one - Alpina D3

If you want a fast, discreet BMW, avoid the M Sport moniker and buy an Alpina. If you want to add sublime handling, family-friendly packaging and astonishing fuel consumption to that mix, then you need to specify the BMW Alpina D3.
Aston Martin Rapide I Bought One 7 years ago

I bought one - Aston Martin Rapide

The Rapide is unique in Aston's range - its only four-door car. However, as owner Cliff Graham has found, it's still an Aston Martin through and through
Rover Mini Paul Smith I Bought One 7 years ago

I bought one - Rover Mini Paul Smith

The Mini is an enduring design classic that manages to look as fresh, inventive and appealing today as it did when it was originally launched by the British Motor Corporation in 1959, especially in Paul Smith guise