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Lotus Elise

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Lotus Elise Final Edition (2021 - )

Expensive, noisy, cramped and with little in the way of creature comforts, the Lotus Elise would seem a difficult car to recommend by any rational assessment. On paper it’s not even that fast or powerful when compared against alternatives like the Porsche 718 Boxster or Alpine A110. Even a Mazda MX-5 looks luxurious in comparison. But the Elise is a truly unique car, and strips driving back to the absolute pure basics. The lack of weight means it punches way above its size in performance but it’s the connection with the road that makes it really special – if you love driving for driving’s sake there really is little that comes close. And after 25 years in production the Elise is going out with a bang in special ‘Final Edition’ trim – catch it while you can!
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A rich motorsport heritage informs the way Lotus builds its cars, especially when it comes to weight saving. While it may mean holding back on some of the luxuries this does bring other benefits, such as only needing a small and relatively frugal engine to deliver performance that outclasses much bigger, thirstier performance cars. True sports car performance with hot hatch mpg is your reward, the CO2 emissions also pretty good for the performance. Less weight also means less strain on tyres, brakes and other components so maintenance will be reasonable for such a focused sports car. True, the asking price is pretty steep and the Alpine A110 and Porsche 718 Boxster offer comparable thrills with much more in the way of usability and equipment. But the Elise holds its value well so your money will be reasonably safe, especially in the case of this Final Edition version.

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