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Alpine A110

  • tickSensational ride and handling balance
  • tickImproved performance for GT and S
  • tickImpressive efficiency for a sports car
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Alpine A110 Coupe (2022 - )

The French alternative to a Lotus or Porsche, Alpine always had strong links to Renault and, more recently, enjoyed a revival under its ownership. Having not made any new cars for decades the A110 marks a triumphant return, successfully reinventing the brand for both enthusiasts and new customers alike. While it’s a proper sports car and a match for even a Porsche 718 Cayman on road and track the Alpine is also surprisingly comfortable and efficient to run, if not all that practical. That’s less of an issue for a pure sports car like this and, with its recently expanded range, improved tech, extra colours and more powerful S model, the A110 makes for a distinctive and refreshing choice if you’re lucky enough to have space in your life for a two-seat sports car.
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Given the modest sounding 1.8-litre engine and Renault origins you might have expected the Alpine A110 to be priced more like a Toyota GR86 or Audi TT but, in reality, it’s rather more exotic and similar money to a 718 Cayman. Widespread critical acclaim has helped desirability, this combined with relatively limited supply meaning resale values should remain strong and helping keep monthly costs down if you’re looking to lease or finance your Alpine.

Meanwhile, the lack of weight offers the A110 huge advantages in ride and handling but it also means running costs are very reasonable for such a focused sports car. In our experience the official fuel consumption of just shy of 40mpg is easily achievable at a cruise and emissions are low for a car of this nature. The Alpine is bang-on with its main rivals for insurance groupings, meaning your premiums shouldn’t be any more severe and in everything from replacement tyres to service costs will be much cheaper to run than a Porsche.

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With 48 new and 24 used Alpine A110 cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale across the UK.

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£42,950 to £72,884
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£43,992 to £62,500
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