Repurposing a model name with over a half century of tyre-smoking, muscle car heritage for an all-electric SUV is a brave move for Ford, the new Mustang Mach-E a hugely important model as the brand joins the battery-powered bandwagon.

The car is some way off production but Ford brought the Mach-E to London for an exclusive preview so we sent our resident Mustang fan Rory along for a closer look. As the owner of a more conventional, V8-powered GT Convertible he’s got more of an emotional stake in what this car represents, both to enthusiasts like him and the wider audience this new Mach-E is aimed at. Is it a valid new-age twist on that famous heritage? Or does it trash a name we associate with Steve McQueen, Gone In 60 Seconds and our Hollywood informed view of unapologetic, all-American muscle cars?

It’s an interesting pitch. See Rory’s reaction in the video here and, for much more like this, don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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