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New Jaguar F-Type R video review

Did someone accuse Rory Reid of faking the fabulous noise from the new Jaguar F-Type? Let him demonstrate he was very much telling the truth…

The richly charismatic Jaguar F-Type has always been a car to pluck the heartstrings, not least for the incredible sound the thunderous V8 R version makes. And now there’s a new F-Type, sharing its foundations with the previous version but bringing with it sharp new styling, updated tech, and revised suspension.
The only thing Rory Reid wants to know though – does it still sound amazing? “The noise has always been the F-Type’s biggest party trick,” he tells us in his video review, before revealing that some online commentators thought a social media clip of the exhaust he shared had been faked. Allow him to set you right on that score. With that out of the way, he then explores some of the new features on this heavily updated car, among them a gearbox with settings taken from the amazing Project 8 track saloon, revised suspension and steering, and a ton more in-car tech to cater to your every infotainment need. Enough to offer a serious alternative to the dominant Porsche 911? Watch the video and find out! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more

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