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Porsche 911

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Porsche 911 GTS (2021 - )

The 911 GTS bridges the gap between ’regular’ Carreras and the significantly more expensive 911 Turbo. History shows GTS models are typically the sweet spot of their respective ranges, be that 718 Cayman, Macan or Cayenne and often over-deliver on performance and tasty trimmings. Available in two- or all-wheel drive, manual or auto and as a coupe, Targa or Cabriolet you’re not spoiled for choice, though there are significant differences in the driving experience between them so it pays to think hard about what you actually want. Common to all is spectacular performance, great looks, huge desirability and an arch blend of tech and tradition. With token rear seats it’s even half practical for a car of this nature.
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Value for money is an abstract notion, given entry to the GTS line-up is well over £100,000. That’s before you even touch the options list and if you escape the dealership without adding another few thousand to the price the sales person wasn’t doing their job properly. In relative terms, though, the GTS is actually pretty good value. The performance is the equal of exotica like the Aston Martin Vantage, Audi R8 and Mercedes-AMG GT and none of those rivals has the range of options in bodystyle, transmission or trimming to compete. Porsche is also very smart at managing supply and demand of its models, already strong resale values bolstered further by the ongoing desirability of the GTS name. Running costs in terms of fuel, insurance and consumables like brakes and tyres are obviously going to be burly. But if you’ve got the necessary liquidity a Porsche 911 has always been a relatively sensible way to indulge yourself.

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