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Coming Soon | New Ineos Fusilier Electric SUV Unveiled

Erin Baker

Words by: Erin Baker

Published on 23 February 2024 | 0 min read

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of Ineos Automotive (and part-owner of Manchester United), has unveiled the brand’s first electric SUV, the Fusilier. Looking very similar to the Grenadier, albeit slightly lower and shorter, the Fusilier will be available as a pure electric car and also as a range-extender electric car, which uses a small petrol engine to charge the battery for longer journeys. It will go on sale in the UK in early 2027.
Ratcliffe announced his plans, and unveiled images of the car, in conversation with Richard Hammond from Top Gear in front of a live audience at his London pub, the Grenadier, which gave its name to his first model. The battery for the Fusilier will come from Samsung, while the small engine - which won’t drive the wheels but rather will power a generator to keep the battery charged - hasn’t yet been sourced. Range extender electric cars are rare: BMW produced the BMW i3 range extenderbut has now stopped production, while Mazda has its MX-30 R-EV.
Range extenders make a lot of sense, because they allow the car to continue to be moved via electric power alone, regardless of whether the owner can get to a charging point in time, but because the small petrol engine never powers the wheels, it can run at a steady, very fuel-efficient state, just ticking over to keep the battery charged. That’s a distinct advantage over plug-in hybrids, which use the petrol engine to power the wheels once the battery has run flat, and inevitably means a plug-in hybrid car spends a lot of time being powered by petrol (or diesel).
Ineos describes the two options of the Fusilier as being "zero and low emissions options”. Sir Jim commented, “As we developed this vehicle, we quickly concluded that in order to move towards decarbonisation but continue making cars that consumers want to drive, we need a mix of powertrain technologies. BEVs [electric cars] are perfect for certain uses: shorter trips and urban deliveries, but industry and governments need to have realistic expectations around other technologies that can help accelerate the necessary pace of change. That is the reason we are offering an additional powertrain for the Fusilier, one that dramatically reduces emissions but has the range and refuelling capabilities needed.” Ineos also unveiled a Grenadier hydrogen demonstrator at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2023, but, alongside many other car brands, Ineos realises that it will be a long time before hydrogen is readily available on the public road network for refuelling the UK’s cars. The Fusilier will be built on a bespoke platform, alongside manufacturing partner, Magna, which is very experienced in building cars for major brands. Prices have yet to be announced.