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Best Value New Car 2023 – Dacia Sandero Stepway

Find out why the Dacia Sandero Stepway is the 2023 winner of Best Value New Car

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Published on 15 June 2023 | 0 min read

The Sandero Stepway is a phenomenal example of Dacia doing what it does best. The company really does tear up the rule book when it comes to new car value, with a range of cars that often undercuts rival models by thousands of pounds.
To dismiss the Sandero Stepway as a “no frills” crossover is tempting, because that’s what it traditionally represented. But the latest model truly moved things forward, while still being fantastically good value – even down to offering a version that can seamlessly run on either petrol or LPG, the latter a much cheaper fuel. Even a top spec model with an automatic gearbox comes in at under £20,000 and includes features like keyless entry, navigation, cruise control and parking sensors. The interior has a real high-quality feel, too. Owners absolutely love it, praising it across the board for its comfort, equipment, and SUV-style practicality. Ultimately, it boils down to one thing, best summarised by one owner thus, “It looks like an SUV, behaves like an SUV, has most of the optional extras of an SUV and costs half of the price of an SUV.” Enough said. Congratulations, Dacia. Return to the New Car Awards homepage