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Dacia Sandero

  • tickFantastically affordable
  • tickEfficient TCE turbo engine
  • tickNow has all the tech you need

Dacia Sandero Hatchback (2020 - )

Affordability is the Dacia Sandero’s biggest selling point and this all-new version is still the cheapest new car you can buy, with a monthly starting price not much more than what you might pay for your smartphone subscription or TV sports package. That alone is enough for some people but this new Sandero is also a much more stylish and well-built car, with the space of superminis like the Renault Clio on which it is based but at a cost that still undercuts smaller city cars like the Hyundai i10 or Kia Picanto. The spec on the entry model is very basic indeed but, even with a few bells and whistles, the Sandero is still incredibly affordable and opens up new-car ownership to those who might previously have only been able to afford a used one. Click here for our review of the crossover inspired Sandero Stepway version.
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At launch the starting price for the entry-level Sandero is an astonishing £7,995, with monthly payments cheap enough to make it look good value against travelling by train or bus, never mind against second-hand superminis from bigger brands. True, that version is incredibly basic with its steel wheels and unpainted bumpers but even the most expensive Sandero is cheaper than an entry-level Hyundai i10, Nissan Micra or Suzuki Swift. Starting prices for the Fiestas, Clios and others the Sandero competes with in size terms can be as much as half as much again. Running costs are also pretty keen, the mid-range TCE 90 doing over 50mpg by official figures while the Bi-Fuel version gives you the option of running on cheaper LPG (or liquefied petroleum gas) thanks to an additional fuel tank. With both full it can travel as far as 800 miles without having to refuel, according to Dacia’s claims.

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With 56 new and 561 used Dacia Sandero cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale across the UK.

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£4,850 to £11,954
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£2,500 to £16,260
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£5,850 to £14,441
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£2,495 to £9,300
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