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New Drivers

Everything a new driver needs to know, including what to expect and how to prepare for the driving test

  • Tyre sizes explained

    Are you one of the many Brits that doesn’t have a clue how to check your tyre size? Or maybe you just can’t quite remember what all the different...

    Advice 2 months ago

  • Remembering how to drive

    Feel like you've forgotten how to drive? Here are our top tips for getting back on the road after lockdown, or longer!

    Advice 9 months ago

  • Driving test tips to help you pass first time

    Learning to drive? We’ve pulled together top driving test tips that’ll help you become a pro driver quickly, plus common driving mistakes to avoid...

    Advice 1 year ago

  • Full guide on learning to drive

    Driving on your own for the first time is a fantastic feeling, but the first step to freedom is learning to drive and tearing up those 'L' plates....

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Driving theory test guide

    Find out everything you need to know about your driving theory test: from how it works, to what you can expect, what you must do, and tips to help...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • A complete guide on practical driving test

    The practical driving test is a chance for you to show off your driving skills on the road. But before you do so, find out everything you need to...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • The REV Test: First cars

    Our three experienced motoring journos, Rachael, Erin and Vicki Butler-Henderson (REV), are back. This week they're testing three of the most...

    Feature 3 years ago

  • Tips and advice for new drivers

    It's a super exciting time when you pass your driving test, but you do need to sort out car insurance! You needn’t pay a fortune though, if you...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • How much is the car theory test?

    Are you looking to take the first step towards getting your car driving licence? Find out how much the car theory test, practical test, and overall...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • Learner drivers allowed on the motorway

    From Monday 4 June 2018, learner drivers will be allowed to drive on the motorway with an approved driving instructor, in a dual control car. We...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • Jaguar's young driver experience

    We take an 11-year-old to drive Jaguars around a track. What could go wrong?

    Feature 3 years ago

  • Government mulls changes to new driver licensing

    The Prime Minister asks the Department for Transport to look into graduated driver licensing for new drivers, in a bid to reduce casualties on UK...

    News 3 years ago

  • Best first cars: Cheap new cars to insure

    Whether you’re after a stylish city car or something a little more spacious, the cost of insurance shouldn’t stop you from getting what you want.

    Best of 5 years ago

  • Best first cars: affordable style for less than £5,000

    We pick the best first cars for new and young drivers who want a dash of style from their new wheels, along with cheap insurance, affordable running...

    Feature 5 years ago

  • Best first cars for under £2,000

    Don't think you'll have a limited choice when you buy your first car. On the contrary, with a budget of £2,000, you can have pretty much whatever...

    Feature 5 years ago

  • How to deal with driving test nerves

    Our tips for tackling driving test nerves will make sure you keep your cool on the day.

    Advice 5 years ago

  • Pass Plus scheme: who is it for and benefits

    Pass Plus is an optional practical training scheme that helps you advance your driving skills. But should you get a Pass Plus? Find out everything...

    Advice 5 years ago

  • Avoid these 7 practical driving test mistakes

    Taking your driving test? Then check out the most common reasons for failing, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

    Advice 5 years ago

  • How to help your children learn to drive

    Parents or other family members can help young learner drivers, but they may need to brush up on their knowledge first.

    Advice 5 years ago

  • How to prepare for the ‘Show me, Tell me’ section of the driving test

    Learners have to prove they can check basic safety features as part of the driving test, so it pays to swot up beforehand.

    Advice 5 years ago

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