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Car leasing

Thinking about leasing a car? See if it's right for you with our guides to car leasing

  • Leasing an electric car

    Electric car leases are a great way to get to know the new technology set to dominate our roads from 2030. Interested? Here’s your starter guide to...

    Guide 8 months ago

  • Car leasing in lockdown 2021

    How to apply for a new car lease or amend your existing contract in lockdown, and what to do if your car lease contract is due to end.

    Guide 8 months ago

  • Electric car salary sacrifice scheme benefits

    Buying an electric vehicle (EV) through an electric car salary sacrifice scheme can help you save some big bucks. Learn more about what this scheme...

    Advice 8 months ago

  • Bad credit and car finance

    Bad credit doesn’t prevent you getting car finance. Here, we look at your car finance and leasing options if you have a bad credit rating.

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Returning a lease car

    Complete guide to returning your lease car. Find out how to check for damage, what repairs you’re liable for, what paperwork you’ll need and where...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Applying for a car lease

    Thinking of leasing a new car? Find out what paperwork you'll need, how to fill in a finance form, how to arrange delivery and more.

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Car leasing with insurance

    Car leases need to be covered by car insurance. Find the level of cover you need and compare car lease insurance quotes.

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Car Leasing Jargon Buster

    Need to improve your understanding of car leasing and make sure you're getting the right car leasing deal for you? Here's car leasing jargon...

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Starter's guide to car leasing with PCH

    Is PCH (Personal Contract Hire) right for you? In this blog, Auto Trader explore how PCH works, what you’ll pay and how, how PCH and PCP compare,...

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Business car leasing

    Whether it's a runaround for a sole trader or a while fleet of company cars your after, business car leasing could be the perfect solution. Find out...

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Car leasing maintenance explained

    Fair wear and tear explained. Find out if car lease maintenance packages are right for you, and how to avoid damage fees at the end of your contract.

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Finance quiz: Which type of car finance is right for you?

    Finance is an increasingly popular way to buy a car. Rather than saving for months to buy a car outright, you can split the cost over monthly...

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Car finance jargon buster

    The A-Z of car finance, explained.

    Guide 2 years ago

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