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Toyota Yaris

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Toyota GR Yaris (2021 - )

Following multiple victories in the World Rally Championship Toyota has commissioned its Gazoo Racing motorsport department to celebrate this rally success on the road with the GR Yaris. In contrast to hot hatch rivals like the Ford Fiesta ST and Hyundai i20 N the GR Yaris has a lot more power and puts it to the road through sophisticated four-wheel drive system, other motorsport inspired features including carbon fibre body panels, lightweight wheels and uprated brakes. Massively hyped, the GR Yaris has attracted everyday enthusiasts and collectors alike, the latter eager to add a souped-up Yaris to their fleets of supercars such is its credibility. Read our Expert Review of the standard Yaris here.
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Toyota Yaris running costs

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Our expert review

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The GR Yaris costs a lot more than equivalently sized hot hatches like the Hyundai i20 N but is smaller, less practical and not as powerful as the Ford Focus ST you could have for similar money. On an extended, 1,000-mile road trip in our hands it also proved very thirsty, and if you enjoy the performance you probably won’t even see 30mpg. CO2, VED, Benefit In Kind and insurance are all going to cost you, too. So if running costs are your priority you’re clearly better off with the standard hybrid Yaris.

But the GR Yaris isn’t intended as a rational purchase. It’s for driving enthusiasts, and no corners have been cut delivering the kind of experience they want. And it seems to have nailed its brief, meaning long waiting lists and a considerable shortfall in supply compared with demand. That position may change in time but, for now, a GR Yaris is a precious commodity and values are very strong. Given this target audience the optional ‘Circuit Pack’ will likely be worthwhile pick for resale values – it adds to the cost but will likely be a must-have when it comes to selling it on.

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