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News 6 months ago

If Premier League teams were cars

Tongue firmly in cheek, Auto Trader app firmly in hand, we built our own Premier League of cars for 2020. What do you think?
News 6 months ago

Video: Audi A3 Vs BMW 1 Series

Rory Reid pits two of the poshest hatchbacks on the market against one another, but which will come out on top?
Feature 6 months ago

Electric car batteries explained

Jargon-free guide to how electric car batteries actually work, how to look after them, how long they last and more.
Best Of 6 months ago

Top 10 cars for lockdown

We might not be going for a spin anytime soon, but these cars provide the perfect escape from the house (even if it is just to the drive).
News 7 months ago

Video: all-new Audi A3

Like a regular hatchback but posher – Rory’s been driving the new Audi A3 to find out if it’s the new class leader
Ford Mustang News 7 months ago

American cars quiz

Test your knowledge of American cars with our quiz. With one set of questions for kids and another for adults there's fun for all the family!
News 7 months ago

Quiz for French car fans

Our latest car quiz is here to test your knowledge of French brands and the proud automotive history they share
Feature 7 months ago

Kids' resources

Pass the time with free quizzes, print-outs and more. Updated regularly so just help yourself!
News 7 months ago

Footballers' cars on Auto Trader

Keen to get behind the wheel of Roy Keane's car? Go for it - and check out some of the other footballer's cars we've had listed on Auto Trader too!
News 7 months ago

Quiz for German car fans

Don’t worry if you’re stuck inside with nothing to do – it’s time for another one of our quizzes, with one round for the kids and one for the grown ups