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Car Brand with the Best Tech 2024 – Tesla

Find out why the Tesla is the 2024 winner of the Car Brand with the Best Tech award

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Published on 13 June 2024 | 0 min read

Not so long ago parking sensors and Bluetooth were the preserve of luxury brands and you were lucky if your car had a CD player. Yet, today you can buy an entry level hatchback with heated seats and wireless smartphone mirroring as standard. Times have changed and we now expect more from our cars than ever before, but which brand integrates technology best?
For the third year running it’s not surprising to see Tesla winning our Car Brand with the Best Tech award. Owners love the Supercharger network, dog mode for the climate control, and the Autopilot driving assistance. One owner summarised their Tesla as the “best technology available by a long way” and another highlights “it continues to get more features added and gets better” thanks to over-the-air updates. While Hyundai and BMW both offered some strong competition, they couldn’t quite match the combination of ease, connectivity and fun provided by Tesla. Well done Tesla and keep doing what you’re doing. Return to the New Car Awards homepage