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Best cars of 2022

From supercars to practical seven-seat people carriers here’s our selection of the best cars we’ve driven in 2022

Hannah Hill

Words by: Hannah Hill

Published on 23 December 2022 | 0 min read

It’s certainly been quite the year for cars, and those looking to buy and sell them. After the pandemic-inspired turmoil of the recent past we might have hoped for things to settle down a tad and the focus to switch to electrifying our driving lives one way or another. But war in Ukraine, ongoing supply shortages and, most recently, the cost of living crisis have all thrown new challenges into the mix for manufacturers and consumers alike.
There is good news, though! Amongst it all the range and quality of new cars coming out hasn’t slowed one bit and there have been some truly amazing new arrivals through 2022. From valedictory last blasts for icons of the ICE (internal combustion engine) age to new arrivals and even previously unseen brands there have been exciting cars from the everyday to the truly exotic. And here on Auto Trader we’ve been busy driving and rating them all, whether it be with the fantastic videos from Rory Reid and his team or the Expert Reviews at the core of every new car landing page. As is traditional at this time of year we’ve been getting our heads together to choose some of our highlights and favourite cars from the last 12 months. It’s a diverse and eclectic selection, truly with something for everyone and at every budget.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

The new Renault Megane has rightfully earned a spot in our favourite picks of 2022 and is an all-round, pure electric family car with a spacious cabin and an impressive list of tech that comes standard. With two battery options and a choice between three trim levels there is a model to suit all tastes and needs, too. From versatile driving modes that allow you to control how and when you use and recover power, a smooth and silent drive, and the smart integration of Google connectivity make Megane one of our favourite new EVs.

Citroen C5 X

Over the years Citroën has made its name with cars prioritising distinctive and sometimes quirky design with a reputation for wafty comfort through soft, floaty suspension. Values the C5 X revives in fine style, this large and refined hatchback offering tons of space inside, superb ride comfort and the option of a smooth and efficient hybrid we reckon is the pick of the range. For all this, and for proving there’s life beyond SUVs and crossovers for family buyers, it’s definitely one of our favourites of the year.
Watch Rory Reid’s video review of the Citroen C5 X

Toyota GR86

For those fast-driving, lightweight thrills, the two-seater GR86 coupe certainly delivers in agility and performance for those lucky enough to get their hands on one of these rare gems. On road and track the little Toyota flies through bends with confidence, responds quickly to your inputs and is a joy to push all the way to its limits. Boasting sports car driving in a compact package, the GR86 is simply a lot of fun. So if you can get one of the limited number being sold, don’t let it go!
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Amidst the cost-of-living crisis, the MG4 seizes opportunity make going electric feel more affordable for those seeking a more eco-conscious choice. With decent range, distinctive design, excellent comfort, and generous tech, the MG4 seems like the best place to begin. Not only will it keep running costs to a minimum, but it’s incredible value for money in the way it drives, its funky looks and all the equipment you get with it.
Take a look at Rory Reid’s video review of the MG4


The iX represents BMW’s electric and technological flagship, an ambitious SUV that hasn’t compromised on the brand’s iconic high-performance abilities as it transitions to battery power. Unapologetic in its styling, this big and bold family SUV holds a spacious cabin and excels in luxury ride comfort and refinement. It may be an indulgent purchase, but for this you get over 500 horsepower, nearly 400 miles of range and very rapid recharges.
Check out Rory Reid’s video review of the BMW iX

VW ID.Buzz

Stylistically celebrating the first iconic VW campervan, the ID.Buzz redefines this heritage in the form of an electric minivan for families, friends and everyday life – bringing a whole new personality with it. Its impressive design, practical proportions, and modern technology make it an attractive proposition as a premium SUV alternative. With a bright driving environment, huge boot capacity and big sliding doors, the Buzz combines a sense of sustainability with comfort and flexible space.
Watch Rory Reid’s video review of the VW ID.Buzz

Maserati MC20

In recent times Maserati has been somewhat in the shadow of better-known Italian sporting brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini, though its traditions of building glamorous road cars and legendary motorsport success are right up there. As such the MC20 is something of a rebirth, and a spectacular one at that. Light, lithe and furiously fast, after driving it our own Erin Baker said in her review she’d have awarded it six stars out of five if she could have done and Rory was equally impressed after his own drive. Welcome back Maserati!
Watch Rory Reid’s video review of the Maserati MC20

Dacia Jogger

At a glance, the Dacia Jogger may appear basic but when you consider the versatility and affordability of its seven-seater offering you can see how Dacia was voted Best Value Brand by owners in the Auto Trader New Car Awards. It’s cheap and cheerful, and unrivalled value for money to the point where you don’t get bogged down on the little things that might improve it. Especially as the full seven seats come standard if you need them but can also be easily removed if you need extra luggage space instead.
Check out Rory Reid’s video review of the Dacia Jogger

Range Rover

As it has for decades the Range Rover epitomises pure British luxury, with its classy interior, rocketship speed and its array of elegant features. In its latest iteration this sophisticated SUV can transfer this incredible ability on and off road and still maintain smooth refinement. A choice between petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions are available to suit every taste, but regardless of which model you choose, you’re guaranteed a quiet and relaxing ride thanks to active noise cancelling.
Check out the video review with Rory Reid and Alex Legouix

Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes has taken its time developing its new generation of all-electric cars but the EQS proves it has been worth the wait and represents a dramatic leap into the future that translates the luxury, comfort and presence we’ve loved in the traditional S-Class into a new era. The distinctive styling has been tuned for minimal drag with the aim of getting the best range possible while on the inside there’s an incredible blend of both luxury and tech.
Watch Rory Reid review the Mercedes-Benz EQS here

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

The 911 GT3 RS is quite simply as close as you might get to a race car on the road and turns aerodynamics into an art form. With the downforce this creates you get incredible grip on the track while the steering is so responsive you can throw it into bends at ridiculous speeds with total confidence. Features such as Drag Reduction System on the rear wing, automatic adjustment of the front diffuser, a 525 horsepower engine and the intelligent use of lightweight materials like carbon fibre transform the familiar 911 into a motorsport spirited machine like no other.
Watch Rory Reid put the 911 GT3 RS through its paces on the track in the video review

Ferrari 296 GTB

Electrification is coming across the board, even to supercars like the Ferrari 296 GTB. While it is a plug-in hybrid that can run for short distances on electric power alone it would be a stretch to consider this Ferrari ‘doing a Prius’, though. Rather electrification has been used as an opportunity to deliver even more performance than before, the combined output of 830 horsepower delivering outrageous speed and a small, knowing nod to the prevailing trends for sustainability.
Watch Rory Reid get to grips with the Ferrari 296 GTB