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Suzuki Vitara

  • tickSmart looks and lots of styling options
  • tickVery generous with standard equipment
  • tickSuzuki has an enviable reliability record

Suzuki Vitara SUV (2018 - )

The Suzuki Vitara competes in a crowded sector of the market, but doesn’t really stand out against its small SUV rivals. Yes, it looks good and comes with bags of standard kit, but it’s pretty average to drive and it struggles on interior quality and ergonomics. Revisions for the 2020 model year mean all Vitaras are now ’mild hybrids’ but even that isn’t enough to stand out when fresher, more interesting rivals like the Ford Puma offer the same in a much more appealing package and others still have the option of a plug-in powertrain.
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The Vitara is priced competitively compared with its main rivals, but perhaps surprisingly given Suzuki’s appeal as a low-cost, high-value brand, it’s no cheaper to buy. It’s tough to say at this point how the Vitara will fare when it comes to resale values, but traditionally, Suzuki hasn’t exactly set the world alight on this score. That said, you do get an impressive amount of standard equipment for your money, the adoption of ’mild hybrid’ technology helping to keep CO2 and fuel consumption down, to the benefit of both daily running costs and tax. The gains aren’t as dramatic as a plug-in hybrid such as the E-Tech version of the Renault Captur but means Suzuki can keep the pricing competitive and the entry point to the range much more affordable.

Note that the CO2 and fuel consumption are a tad worse on the Allgrip all-wheel drive version so think carefully about whether or not you really need this capability – it’s a useful option for country dwellers living along unmade lanes or in areas where the weather can make driving challenging in winter but probably wasted if you rarely drive outside city limits.

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