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Dacia Sandero Stepway

  • tickLooks cool inside and out
  • tickStill fantastically affordable
  • tickLoads of tech for the money

Dacia Sandero Stepway Hatchback (2020 - )

If the regular Dacia Sandero sells on pure affordability the Stepway version adds a garnish of desirability thanks to its crossover style ride height and trim details. Standing a little taller and clothed in tough-looking body cladding, it looks built to take a beating, be that in rough-and-tumble urban driving or in the great outdoors. It’s a little more expensive than the regular Sandero but also has more tech and a better trimmed interior, not to mention a more fashionable image. All things relative it’s still a total bargain, without looking too cheap and cheerful in the company of more mainstream crossovers. Click here for our review of the regular Sandero, on which the Stepway is based.
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Although it’s a little more expensive than the Sandero hatchback the Stepway is still a very affordable car and, even in its top trim, costs less than an entry-level Ford Fiesta. Unlike the Sandero it also has the looks to pass muster at the school gate without leaving you looking like a cheapskate, the trendy crossover stance and improved trim inside and out adding to the sense of value for money. Rivals are scarce at this price, only the Suzuki Ignis really offering the same mini-crossover vibe. Unlike the Stepway the Suzuki is available with all-wheel drive, which will appeal to those living out in the wilds, but the Dacia is effectively a size up so has much more space inside. The Renault supplied three-cylinder petrol engine proved very efficient in our time with the car, easily recording high 40s mpg and seemingly capable of going the extra mile on each litre of fuel. For a little less than £500 you have the option of a Bi-Fuel version with an additional tank to run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or regular petrol as you see fit. LPG costs a lot less at the pumps than regular petrol so could save you money if you do big mileages – the claimed 800-mile range with both tanks filled is another attraction here and cheaper than the diesel offered previously.

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