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Cinch or Auto Trader

Where’s the best place to sell your car online? Here, we compare online marketplaces Cinch and Auto Trader.

What is Cinch

Cinch is an online classified website owned by BCA (British Car Auctions). Cinch only lists cars that are less than seven years old and have covered 70,000 miles or less. Cars comes from BCA’s partner dealers and car supermarkets have signed up with cinch.

Cinch is sister site to WeBuyAnyCar. If users are looking to sell their current car, or get a car valuation, they have to use this separate platform.

How is Cinch different to Auto Trader

Cinch currently offers vehicles from 50 brands including Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall and Volkswagen. Unlike Auto Trader and other automotive marketplaces, they only advertise cars from dealers, so you won’t find any cars advertised by a private seller.

Finding the best deal

Cinch offer two core journeys, including a lifestyle quiz that suggests cars for you based on factors like your predicted mileage and your budget. The other journey consists of standard filters such as make model.

Auto Trader offer a wide range of filters, starting at make and model level and extending to the engine size, fuel type, insurance groups and even elements like the colour or number of doors.

For undecided or unconfident buyers, we provide guides and advice on what to look for and what all the jargon means. Our in-house experts also recommend the best cars for every lifestyle, whether that’s first-time drivers or family cars, in best-of roundups.

Choice of stock

Cinch offer used cars that are less than seven years old and have covered 70,000 miles or less. These car’s come from BCA’s dealers.

On Auto Trader, we list used, used approved and brand-new cars on a range of finance options. We don’t limit by age or mileage, allowing us to accommodate a wider range of budgets and private sales. We do, however, indicate the value of a car so you can see if the price listed is worth paying.

If you’re not in the market to buy, you can also look at car leasing (PCH), personal contract purchase (PCP) and hire purchase (HP) deals with Auto Trader.

Valuing your car

Cinch’s car valuations are provided by their sister-site, WeBuyAnyCar. In our recent study, we found that people selling cars via sites such as WeBuyAnyCar typically lose on average £1,254 compared to selling privately.

Auto Trader’s car valuations use data from across the automotive industry – including 3,500 dealer websites, values from major auctions, the values of ex-fleet and lease cars. We also compare adverts for similar cars listed on our site, so each car is fairly priced for the market.

Negotiating a price

Cinch offer key stats, such as estimated fuel economy and the number of miles on the clock, so you can negotiate armed with background information.

On Auto Trader, we include price indicators on the adverts themselves so you can see, at a glance, whether the car is priced fairly or not and negotiate accordingly. We also offer car valuations, as mentioned above, so you know a car’s history and how much it’s worth before you start haggling.

On new cars, we offer pre-haggled prices direct from the dealers. This means you’re getting a great deal on a brand-new car without having to do any work.

Checking a vehicle's history

Cars listed on cinch must meet certain criteria, including a set mileage limit and car year, to be listed on their site.

We do not limit the stock listed on our site, and every vehicle listed on Auto Trade undergoes a five-point history check to ensure it they aren’t stolen and that they are fit to drive.

We further support these with a full history check, which gives information on outstanding finance and recorded mileage. We also include the option to purchase a full vehicle check for a thoroughly robust check into the history and status of any car listed.

Saving and comparing adverts

You can save and compare adverts on both Cinch and Auto Trader. Cinch allow you to compare two cars to each other, while Auto Trader allow you to compare four at the same time.

Who are Auto Trader?

Auto Trader have over 40 years of experience as the UK’s largest automotive marketplace.

Auto Trader offer one platform in which you can value and sell your existing car, compare used and brand-new cars with finance deals and different ownership models, such as leasing. Working with private sellers and trusted UK dealerships, we are the UK’s largest automotive classified site.

We also offer expert reviews, buying guides and motoring advice for car buyers, sellers and owners.