It’s a German lockdown in our shortlist for the Best Luxury Car Award in the Auto Trader New Car Awards 2021, with two finalists from Porsche. But it’s Mercedes-Benz that takes the top spot with its mighty G-Class SUV.

Legendary for its toughness, build quality and unstoppable off-road ability, the modern G-Class is honest about its roots as an off-roader but successfully combines that with limo-style luxury and the very latest technology. This makes for an incredibly desirable package, the G-Class available with a choice of powerful diesel or even more powerful AMG-tuned petrol V8 engine, the latter delivering a thundering soundtrack through its side-exit exhausts. As befits a luxury car, there are endless options for making it feel even more special, with 10 pages of the brochure devoted to the various leather options alone.

The hefty asking price ensures the G-Class’s exclusivity, rarity on the road listed by at least one owner as a reason for loving it. Performance, quality and the imposing road presence were also popular and the G-Class is a worthy winner of this most prestigious award.

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