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Renault Megane Convertible (2010 - ) review

Read the Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet convertible (2010 - ) car review by Auto Trader's motoring experts, covering price, specification, running costs, practicality, safety and how it drives.

The Auto Trader expert verdict:


Renault has now completed its third generation Megane range with the reborn Coupe-Cabriolet. Its predecessor was a pioneer with electrically powered steel and glass roof, such as the Volkswagen Eos and Peugeot 308CC, and the new one refines the concept.

Reasons to buy:

  • tickClean, purposeful lines
  • tickImpressive performance
  • tickHigh level of safety kit

At a glance:

How good does it look?

This is perhaps the best looking of the latest Renault Megane range, helped by a clean-looking roof and windows when the car is in coupe mode, and uncluttered lines when it’s folded away. The end result is a quietly restrained looking vehicle, with styling that somehow avoids the chunkiness of its three-door hatchback siblings.
Expert rating: 4/5

What's the interior like?

The interior is restrained and tasteful, with well-chosen trim materials. The dash and facia also look good. There are either conventional dials or a slightly fussy series of digital readouts, depending on the model. Renault has worked hard to make sure no hard or cheap plastics are on display, and the car’s interior is a cosseting environment. In coupe mode, the car’s glass roof really opens up the cabin.
Expert rating: 4/5

How practical is it?

Front seat occupants will have little to complain about. There’s plenty of stretching room while the seats are well proportioned and comfortable. Rear seat occupants do less well, unless they’re children. Space is at a premium, with limited legroom, although one adult, sitting sideways, wouldn’t suffer too much. The car’s heating and ventilation systems are more than up to the job of keeping its occupants comfortable, even with the roof down in cold weather. Boot space with the roof in place is pretty generous, and the mechanism which folds it away is quick, quiet and easy to operate.
Expert rating: 3/5

What's it like to drive?

This is not a sportscar, so the fact that the steering is a bit lifeless hardly matters. We tried six-speed manual diesels and the 180bhp GT petrol, and the car’s ability to handle that engine’s considerable power through its front wheels is very impressive. Roof down there is a fair bit of body flexing on rough surfaces, accompanied by some rattling, but in tight bends this Megane behaves impeccably, cornering accurately and very tidily. With the roof in place it feels solid. As for the ride, even examples with big, low profile tyres are comfortable and civillised.
Expert rating: 4/5

How powerful is it?

There’s a turbocharged 1.2 petrol and non-turbo 1.6 with variable valve timing. We drove the bigger-engined version, which is free-revving and reasonably refined. When fitted with the turbocharged, 1,998cc petrol engine, the Coupe-Cabriolet is a genuinely quick car, capable of hitting 62 in 8.6 seconds and reaching 140mph. At low speeds the engine is tractable and easy-going, and delivers most of its torque at a relaxed 2,250rpm. When given its head the car squats slightly and takes off very smartly indeed, and it’s quite easy to hit the rev limiter.
Expert rating: 4/5

How much will it cost me?

Given the 2.0 GT’s go-faster credentials, its combined 34.9mpg mpg isn’t at all bad, nor is its 188g/km CO2 output. Renault has revised the 130bhp version of its 1.9 FAP diesel engine, and the one fitted to the Coupe-Cabriolet will return nearly 49mpg combined and has a 149g/CO2 output.
Expert rating: 4/5

How reliable is it?

Renault has had some issues over the reliability and build quality of its cars in the past, but is keen to demonstrate that it has improved things recently.
Expert rating: 3/5

How safe is it?

The previous Megane Coupe-Cabriolet was the first car of its type to gain five stars in a EuroNCAP crash test, so the new one should be good too. Its body is stronger than before, and employs types of steel that are good at absorbing energy. There are also a range of electronic safety aids, from anti-lock brakes with brakeforce distribution, together with an electronic stability programme, with facilities to control understeer and regulate skidding.
Expert rating: 4/5

How much equipment do I get?

Features include hidden roof hoops that automatically deploy in a rollover accident, daytime running lights, front lateral airbags, all round electric windows, heated, electrically adjustable door mirrors, deadlocking, cruise control, air conditioning, four electric windows plus automatic wipers and lights.
Expert rating: 4/5

Why buy?

If you liked the old model Megane Coupe-Cabriolet, you’re unlikely to be disappointed by this one. It has a wide range of engines and trim options, is comfortable, pleasant to drive and easy to live with , and of course it has that glass and steel folding roof, which exudes elegance and works well. Owners might be forgiven for just sitting in the car and making it go up and down.
Expert rating: 4/5

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