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Volkswagen Golf SV

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Volkswagen Golf SV hatchback (2017 - )

Describing the Golf SV as a very capable car sounds like damning it with faint praise but it genuinely is exactly that, given it takes all that’s good about the regular hatch version and adds a dose more practicality. However, we can see it having rather limited appeal given it does exactly the same job as a midsize SUV, except it’s not as stylish. If you’re not so fussed about following fashion it’ll serve you very well indeed, though.
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The SV costs you a fair slice more than the regular Golf – which is fair because you’ll get more metal and associated kit for your money – but the gap is big enough that you’ll have to make sure you really want the extra space before signing on the dotted line. Like all Volkswagens the Golf SV’s running costs are reasonable, the most economical versions being the entry level 1.0-litre petrol and 1.6-litre diesel. CO2 emissions on all are carefully pegged, with even the worst only scoring 122g/km and there being little or no penalty for choosing the automatic gearbox where offered, though fuel consumption does suffer slightly. It’s also worth noting an SV is marginally worse on all measures when compared like-for-like with its equivalent Golf Hatch, meaning running costs will be higher. The SV won’t hold its value as well as the regular Golf, either, because it’s less desirable, and this will put another dent in your whole-life running costs.

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