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Suzuki Swace

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Suzuki Swace Estate (2020 - )

The Swace is a mid-sized, hybrid-powered estate car sold by Suzuki as part of a partnership with Toyota. If you’re thinking it looks familiar that’s because it is basically a rebadged version of the latter’s Corolla Touring Sports, which is actually no bad thing given the Toyota is a decent, practical and frugal car. Buddying up with Toyota means Suzuki can offer the hybrid technology it needs in the range, and the Swace is priced competitively against its Corolla brother and comes with lots of equipment. The lack of built-in navigation and a shorter warranty are the only real compromises compared with the Toyota.
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Before crunching the numbers a quick re-cap on hybrid types and where the Swace lands on that spectrum. So-called mild hybrids are now commonplace on many petrol and diesel engines but offer little more than expanded start-stop and a small electrified power boost, though they can’t power themselves on this alone. Full hybrids like the Suzuki have a bigger battery and can run for short distances without the petrol engine, basically delivering diesel-like economy with cheaper petrol running costs. Plug-in hybrids, like the E-Tech version of the Megane Sport Tourer, can meanwhile cover short trips on electric power alone and can recover their additional cost through Benefit In Kind and other incentives. Company drivers will therefore prefer plug-ins but for private owners a car like the Swace can actually make better sense, especially if you don’t have the means to plug it in to charge. The main cost comparison is – inevitably – going to be against the near-identical Toyota Corolla Touring Sports and the Suzuki looks a little cheaper upfront but marginally more expensive on insurance and other running costs.

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With 58 new and 61 used Suzuki Swace cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale across the UK.

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