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Smart fortwo

  • tickOpen-top makes you feel more connected to the city
  • tickGenuine wind-in-the-hair experience
  • tickHuge scope for personalisation
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Smart fortwo Convertible (2016 - )

The ForTwo Cabrio is quite expensive for what it is, but it does give genuine wind-in-the-hair fun, and nothing at else at this price can do that as effectively. It also gives the Cabrio an extra dimension over the hard-top version as a city car. And, for all its shortcomings – not least the limited practicality, restricted visibility and unsettled ride – the ForTwo Cabrio is a very appealing little car.
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Essentially, the Cabrio’s cabin is identical to the hard-top’s, with the same high-quality materials that inject some fun and frivolity. However, while the fabric roof doesn’t alter the car substantially, it does make it a slightly different proposition as a city car. By virtue of being open to the air and being able to look up at buildings through the gap where the roof would be, it somehow gives you a more intimate connection with the city as you drive through it. True, even with the cabin in its most open configuration, you’re still conscious of the bodywork behind your head, so you never feel completely open to the elements, but there’s no question you’re getting a genuine wind-in-the-hair experience. Mind you, there is a price to pay: dropping the roof makes it much more difficult to see out of the car – particularly over your shoulder and through the rear-view mirror. It’s also a little disappointing to see that you have to head to the options list to get height adjustment on the steering wheel and driver’s seat.

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