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Land Rover Range Rover Velar

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Land Rover Velar SUV (2021 -)

Figuring out exactly where the Velar fits into the SUV market isn’t entirely straightforward. In Range Rover terms it’s bigger and fancier than an Evoque but slots in below the Sport in status and performance, though it’s arguably a much fresher product. Updated for the 2021 model year, this revitalised Velar adds new tech and an expanded range of mild hybrid engines. Big news, however, is the arrival of a full plug-in hybrid combining serious performance with tax-friendly CO2 and the ability to cruise for up to 30 miles or so on pure electric power. The Velar’s nearest rival, though? That’ll be the cheaper Jaguar F-Pace, with which it shares engines and common foundations.
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Style rather than price will be a primary motivating factor for Velar buyers, the car’s sleek looks and the allure of the Range Rover badge counting for a lot. In comparison with German rivals, the Velar occupies a middle ground between the Mercedes GLC Coupe and BMW X4 and their bigger, more expensive Mercedes GLE and X5 brothers. A Porsche Macan might also be on the shopping list and is a sportier drive, though the Velar is considerably bigger and more practical. Like for like the closely related Jaguar F-Pace tends to be cheaper and features the same engines and tech – both are good-looking, desirable products and the final choice will probably be driven by the heart as much as the head.

Mild hybrid technology for the new engines ekes out a little more efficiency and helps the CO2 figures a tad but the real game-changer for the Velar is the new P400e plug-in hybrid version. On first registration alone you’ll save over £1,000 on first-year VED (or ‘road tax’) compared with the similarly priced and equivalently powerful mild hybrid P400 version. For company drivers those savings will continue each month with much cheaper Benefit In Kind, too. Experience shows that real-world running costs are more dependent on whether you can charge at home and do most of your journeys within the 33-mile electric range, and plug-ins are no cheaper for long journeys. But if it fits your circumstances it could save you an absolute packet.

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