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Jeep Renegade

  • tickSpacious interior and boot
  • tickProper off-road ability
  • tickPlug-in hybrid option

Jeep Renegade SUV (2018 - )

The Renegade is an interesting player in the congested compact SUV class, and the addition of the 4xe plug-in hybrid model increases its appeal. For buyers with a focus on off-road ability, space and practicality, and a fun sense of personality, it offers something different from the norm. However, high prices, refinement issues and a firm, bouncy ride make it harder to recommend to everyday family buyers.
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We criticised the original version of the Renegade for being worse on fuel consumption and emissions than its direct rivals but, since then, Jeep has updated the model with a range of more modern and efficient engines to help it keep pace. More recently still the arrival of a full plug-in hybrid version improves matters further.

As ever it’s no one-size fits all solution, but at least you can choose between petrol, diesel and the hybrid according to your particular needs. Front-wheel drive petrols – known as ‘4x2’ in Jeep lingo – are the best of the conventional range for CO2 and fuel consumption, the more powerful ‘4x4’ versions offering genuine off-road ability but at a cost in emissions and fuel consumption that will hit company drivers especially hard.

Adapting that naming structure to ‘four by electric’, the new 4xe hybrid version costs a lot more to buy – nearly a third as much again compared with the base petrol version of equivalent trim – but the monthly savings in Benefit In Kind could well add up and make it more affordable as far as tax goes.

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