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How to sell your caravan on Auto Trader Guide 1 month ago

Top tips for selling your caravan on Auto Trader

Selling your caravan on Auto Trader is an easy way to find buyers from all over the UK. If you no longer have space for your caravan or the time to get out and enjoy it, here's how to make a successful sale using an Auto Trader advert...
What driving licence do I need to tow a caravan or trailer Advice 1 month ago

What driving licence do I need to tow a caravan or trailer?

If you want to jump into the current staycation trend, you will need to know if your driving licence will allow you to tow a caravan or trailer. Read more about what licence you need to be able to tow a caravan or a trailer below.
How to sell your caravan on Auto Trader Advice 2 months ago

How to sell your caravan on Auto Trader

It’s easy to make money from your old caravan with Auto Trader, you could make thousands of pounds - why wouldn’t you? Find out how to sell your caravan on Auto Trader, hassle free.
Advice 2 months ago

What are your caravan storage options?

There are lots of different storage options available for your caravan. When you are choosing, consider what is not only most convenient but also more secure. Read more about your options here…
Advice 3 months ago

Are caravans a good investment?

It's fair to say that a caravan is an investment - they don't come cheap to purchase and there are other costs to consider as well before taking the plunge. We thought we'd have a look over some great reasons why buying a caravan is a good investment - and what you should consider before putting your money where your mouth is.
Review 3 months ago

Compass Capiro 520 2021 review

Three focus points in this cleverly-designed caravan bring together comfort and cleanliness with plenty of room to spare.
5 Ways to get your caravan winter ready Advice 3 months ago

5 ways to get your caravan winter ready

If you’re storing your caravan over winter, you will need to do a few jobs now to make sure your caravan is in good shape come Spring. Don’t get caught out, follow our 5 tips to get your caravan ready for winter.
Compass Capiro 520 Best Of 3 months ago

5 best new caravans

Hitch up and explore the outdoors with any of these five best new caravans. Here are five of the latest caravans for sale that will leave lockdowns behind as a distant memory when we can once again get back out on the road.
Best Of 4 months ago

5 Best 6-berth caravans

Looking for a caravan for up to 6 people? A 6-berth caravan is the one for you! Here we have a look at 5 of the best models available right now, to help you choose the perfect caravan for you…
Best Of 4 months ago

5 best 4-berth caravans

Looking for a caravan for 4 people? A 4-berth caravan is the one for you! Here we discuss 5 of the best models available, to help you choose your next caravan...
Review 5 months ago

Buccaneer Clipper review

It's massive, it's adaptable, and it's twin-axle luxury touring at a terrific price.
Best Of 5 months ago

5 best 2-berth caravans

Looking for a caravan for 2 people? A 2-berth caravan is the one for you! Here we share 5 of the best models on the market to help inspire you to choose a caravan...
Advice 5 months ago

Caravan Insurance explained

Don’t run the risk of spending your hard-earned money on a beautiful caravan only for it to go to waste and end up leaving you out of pocket because you didn’t have the foresight to invest in adequate insurance. We know caravan insurance can be confusing, which is why we are here to help...
Guide 5 months ago

Caravan finance explained

If you want to buy a caravan but can’t afford to purchase it upfront, taking out a loan is something you’re probably considering. But with all the different options of caravan finance that are available, it can be confusing. This guide is here to help you get a clearer picture of your options.
Advice 6 months ago

How can I get cheaper caravan insurance?

Caravanning is an incredibly popular holiday choice for people looking to take breaks in Britain. In fact, two million people take their holidays in caravans or motorhomes every year! If you’re someone who likes a caravan holiday, you want to make sure that you’re getting a great deal on your caravan insurance, hopefully this guide will help you...
Applying for Caravan Finance Advice 6 months ago

Applying for Caravan Finance

If you're considering purchasing a caravan with the help of a loan or credit plan to help spread the cost, it’s best to make sure that you know all there is to know before signing anything. To make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important, we’ve created this helpful checklist.
Advice 6 months ago

Caravan insurance checks to carry out before your holiday

Before you begin to plan your next caravanning holiday, make sure you check your caravan insurance policy before you leave. Checking your caravan insurance documentation before you leave home will save you from the stress and worry if things go wrong and here we give you some tips on what to check to give you peace of mind on your break…