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Sprite Alpine 2 review

The Swift Sprite Alpine 2 is a lightweight 2-berth caravan that offers a lot for your money, but how does the new design and use of space come together? Auto Trader's Tom Roberts takes a closer look.

Tom Roberts

Words by: Tom Roberts

Published on 28 May 2024 | 0 min read

The Auto Trader expert verdict:


A smashing little lightweight 2-berth caravan, perfect for couples looking for something to use as a base of operations for their adventures… with the added bonus of a surprisingly spacious bathroom and separate shower room! And because it weighs in at just over 1200kg, it can be towed by a variety of smaller cars, including electric cars if they’re rated to do so.

Reasons to buy:

  • tickBags of storage and handy stowable eating surface.
  • tickSpacious washroom with surprisingly large shower room.
  • tickIt’s a lightweight 2-berth caravan that won’t break the bank.

At a glance:


The Sprite Alpine 2 is an attractive little caravan on the outside - grey and blue sweeping lines and panels tastefully accentuate its look and draw your attention to the curved front emblazoned with the Swift logo and ‘Sprite’ decals. The big triple window at the front is complemented nicely by a single piece of glazing at the top of the caravan that lets a lot of light in and is easy to keep clean thanks to the step-on hitch covers on both sides. On the inside, the design is clean and functional with the key being making as much use of the space as possible - which Swift have definitely succeeded in doing. Everything feels nicely stowed to the left and right with plenty of headroom and simple greys and beige colours make the interior feel roomy - it’s very much like stepping into Dr Who’s TARDIS.
Expert rating: 4/5


A caravan of this size is usually a simple base of operations, but the Sprite Alpine 2 is packed with appliances and spacious to boot. When you open the door, immediately in front of you is the central kitchen area featuring a microwave, hob, oven and grill, work surfaces, storage and a Dometic fridge - at the left-hand side of the kitchen is a fold-up surface extension for more involved cooking. The soft furnishings are comfortable and durable, and a fold out surface is never more than a hand-reach away. There is a lot of storage at foot and head level throughout the interior - the cabinet doors are very sturdy too, meaning that even while travelling it’s highly unlikely anything will fall out once it’s been stowed. There are 230v plug sockets galore in the kitchen and living space, and a handy twin USB socket for device charging at the front near the heads of the sleeping area for scrolling on your phone. Lighting is provided by LED strips and lamps at night, and the huge number of windows provide excellent light during the day. Every window is flanked with curtains, and the roof glass and skylight are coverable with integrated pull-down blinds if the sun comes out. The bathroom is particularly excellent, with a toilet, sink and spacious shower room, which is my personal highlight, but more on that later. As for height, I’m six foot tall and didn’t have to stoop at any point while walking back and forth, nor worry about being cramped while sleeping on the bed - enough said.
Expert rating: 4/5


As stated, the kitchen is packed with all the appliances you’d need for even the most ambitious meals. Once you’ve made use of the kitchen, you can settle on one of the sofas and pull out the folding dining table, which is cleverly stowed at the front of the caravan near the twin USB socket. The table is sturdy and the seats are at a comfortable height for eating - on a nice day, you’ll want to eat outside on a fold-out table (one comes stashed in the bathroom) and deck chairs, but knowing you have a comfy eating space inside if the weather turns is very reassuring.
Expert rating: 3/5


Sleeping in the Sprite Alpine 2 is a doddle… simply pull out the slats into the middle and slot the sofa back rests in place on top of them to create a nice big bed. At 6 feet tall I felt like I was at the bed’s extreme, but could still stretch out. Any bedding you have can be stowed in the lockers under the slats, which makes converting the interior back to a living space quick and tidy. The USB sockets at the head of the bed were useful for charging devices while sleeping, but also kept them close, giving me a sense of their security.
Expert rating: 3/5


The washroom is located at the back of the caravan and features a full-size toilet, sink and a dedicated shower room. Don’t worry about condensation buildup though, there’s a sunroof that can open up and ventilate the room while you’re having a shower (although it’s still always best to wipe the surfaces down when you’re done). The huge mirror is also very useful and nearly big enough to give you a full up-and-down view of your fit before heading out on an adventure (it’s the one picture I’m happy being in). The shower room is an excellent addition with its fold-out shower screen and makes the caravan feel luxurious, especially for the price.
Expert rating: 4/5

Value for money

This caravan is top-notch for the size and cost from new - starting at just £22,795. The use of space, the shower room, storage and power options, and the fully-equipped kitchen area in a compact caravan that feels twice the size on the inside as it looks on the outside all come together to make this a 2-berth towable home that needs to be seen to be believed.
Expert rating: 5/5

Why buy?

The compact size on the outside is deceptive, because as soon as you step inside you’ll be amazed at how spacious the Sprite Alpine 2 actually is. It’s a clean design that really surprised me with its clever use of space and near abundance of power sockets and storage spaces. The living space and kitchen are exactly what you’d expect from a smaller caravan, but the added bonus of a spacious bathroom complete with a shower room really pushes this caravan into must-buy territory, especially at such a competitive price!
Expert rating: 4/5

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