New cars for sale with 0% car finance

Buying a car on 0% finance is a very appealing proposition. Why? Because like with any finance deal, you can spread your payments over an extended period of time to make buying your new car more affordable, but crucially, you won’t be charged any interest for the pleasure.

However, 0% finance deals aren’t all that common, and of the few there are, many are only offered for a limited period. That means finding them in among all the other hundreds of finance deals can be quite tricky. Luckily for you, we’re keeping an eye on the market, and in this guide, we list what we think are the best cars out there – in a variety of shapes, sizes, varieties and budgets – that you can buy right now on 0% finance.

We’ll say this now to save us saying it several times over below: with all the cars listed, numerous terms and conditions will apply, and the size of the necessary deposit contributions, monthly payments and agreement periods will also vary.

On top of that, 0% finance might well only be available on specific versions of the models mentioned, and the deals may only be on a specific type of finance agreement, whether that be a PCP, HP or whatever else.

All that means you’ll have to read the small print carefully to fully understand exactly what’s being offered.

However, our handy guide points you in the right direction for the best of what’s on offer.
  • The small one – Ford Fiesta
  • The small family car one – Seat Leon
  • The large family car one – Ford Mondeo
  • The small SUV one – Renault Captur
  • The big SUV one – Nissan X Trail
  • The MPV one – Ford S-Max
  • The fun one – Mazda MX-5
  • The executive one – BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
  • The limousine one – Mercedes-Benz S-Class
0% car finance
0% car finance
The small one – Ford Fiesta
The Fiesta has always been the stand out small car in the driving stakes, thanks to its mixture of sharp handling, comfy ride and punchy performance. That latest version, however, also brings more sophistication to the party, with a bigger, comfier, quieter cabin, posher materials and more tech.

We’d point you towards one of the 1.0-litre Ecoboost versions, and towards the five-door model over the less practical three-door. The 0% finance deals we’ve seen are only available on a limited number of engine and trim combinations, but any 0% deal on the best car in the class will still be very appealing.

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0% car finance
0% car finance
The small family car one – Seat Leon
There are very few cars of this type better than the Seat Leon, and there are even fewer that are available on 0% finance. Even better, the 0% deals we’ve seen are available across most of the Leon range, so whether you’re after performance or efficiency, there should be an offer to suit you. Whichever Leon you go for, you get a cracking car, with neat styling, a practical cabin, lots of luxury toys and a very well-rounded driving experience.

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0% car finance
0% car finance
The large family car one – Ford Mondeo
The Ford Mondeo isn’t getting any younger, having been on sale for quite a few years compared to most of its rivals. However, a recent facelift has freshened things up a bit, and despite its age, there are still very few competitors that can match the Mondeo's combination of smoothness and agility on the road.

It also happens to be absolutely enormous, meaning that families – along with all the clutter that accompanies a family – will fit comfortably. As with the smaller Fiesta, 0% deals are only available on a very limited number of engine and trim combinations, so you won’t have much choice. Rest assured, though, there’s no such thing as a bad Mondeo.

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0% car finance
0% car finance
The small SUV one – Renault Captur
Small SUVs are all the rage at the moment. Buyers simply can’t get enough of them thanks to their mix of style and practicality, and with new models being released on a seemingly weekly basis, manufacturers are lining up to get a piece of the action.

The Captur happens to be our favourite of the current crop. It’s arguably one of the most stylish cars of its type, and it’s definitely one of the most practical. It’s also nice to sit in, and comfortable and economical to drive. We’ve seen 0% deals for a number of different versions, so you’ll even have some choice.

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0% car finance
0% car finance
The big SUV one – Nissan X Trail
The X-Trail might not be the biggest or the best seven-seat SUV you can buy, but you’ll struggle to find many others that are available on a 0% finance deal. The 0% deals we’ve seen do seem to be dependent on the trim level you pick, and there’s also limited choice of engines, but in truth, the versions on offer aren’t a million miles away from being the ones we’d recommend anyway. And as an all-rounder, the X-Trail is very hard to fault. It looks great, is nice inside, comes well equipped, and is comfortable and quiet on the road.

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0% car finance
0% car finance
The MPV one – Ford S-Max
The S-Max stands out from other MPVs in two main ways. First off, it’s more stylish than most thanks to its sharp detailing and more flowing lines.

Secondly, it’s better to drive than a lot of its rivals, combining the comfortable ride a family needs, with the sharp handling that a fun-loving parent desires. It’s also one heck of a good MPV, with bags of space and an enormously flexible seating system. Like all the other Ford offerings in this list, the amount of versions available on 0% finance is very limited, but at least that makes your choice easy.

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0% car finance
0% car finance
The fun one – Mazda MX-5
The Mazda MX-5 is the world’s best-selling sports car, because it combines three things very, very appealing to car buyers. It’s great fun to drive, it looks the business, and it’s really affordable.

It becomes even more affordable on a 0% finance deal, which Mazda is currently offering on a limited number of versions on a hire purchase agreement. The deal is available on both bodystyles, which are both fab, but we’d point you towards the RF version, which has a folding hard top. It’s not just us, either, as around 80% of buyers opt for this one.

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0% car finance
0% car finance
The executive car one – BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
Not an executive saloon in its most classic sense, but the 6 Series Gran Coupe has still got four doors, space for four adults, a big boot and a prestige badge. What more does an executive saloon need? A gorgeous interior? Check. Loads of clever technology? Oh yes. Besides that, the Gran Coupe’s slinkier lines makes it look far more stylish than most of the motors you’ll find in executive car parks, so your colleagues will be green with envy. It’s also a great car to drive, especially with the 40d diesel engine that provides a brilliant blend of muscle and economy. The good news? This version is among the few being offered on a 0% finance deal.

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0% car finance
0% car finance
The limousine one – Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Interestingly, there are quite a few luxury cars being offered on 0% deals at the moment – including the BMW 7 Series and Jaguar XJ – but the fact remains that if you’re after a limo, there’s one obvious choice, and that’s the Mercedes S-Class.

It has its rivals licked for both comfort and quietness, while the cabin has the space, quality and downright wow-factor to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. The most popular engine is the 350d, which provides the most sensible balance between power and economy, and it just so happens that’s the one being offered on a 0% PCP deal.

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(Deals correct at time of publication, but many such deals are temporary. Although this article is updated on a regular basis, Auto Trader cannot guarantee every deal will remain available between updates.)
0% finance FAQs
FAQs 0% Finance
What does 0% financing mean?
0% financing allows you take out a loan without having to pay any interest on it. 0% finance, also known as interest-free loans, allow you to pay the same amount as a cash buyer but spread those payments over a longer period of time.

With 0% financing, you’ll only be paying off the car and therefore be paying less for it over the course of your finance term.
Can you finance a car with 0% interest?
It’s possible to pay no interest on a new car loan if you have strong enough credit. Manufacturers will typically only approve 0% interest deals for buyers with high credit scores. The credit ranges can vary among lenders and dealers.

Depending on the car you’re looking at, you may be eligible got a 0% interest deal on Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase agreements.
Is 0% finance a good deal?
Some think 0% finance is a catch, as you’re borrowing money without having to pay a fee to do so. It’s not a scam, but it is hard to secure.

As 0% finance deals don’t include any interest, your monthly payments go directly to paying off the car. You may also be able to include optional extras into the finance.

If you can afford to pay more each month, and have a high enough credit rating, then 0% can be a great way of getting a new car.
What are the downsides of 0% finance?
There can be some limitations to the deal, so it’s worth investigating properly. 0% finance deals are normally shorter than other deals, so you’ll likely face higher monthly repayments to pay the car off more quickly.

There may also be contractual clauses, such as 0% interest only being available for a portion of the loan term.

Each case is different and, as with any deal, you’ll need to do your due diligence to make sure the deal and car is right for you.
Can I get 0% financing on a new car?
Depending on the offers available, you may be able to find 0% finance deals on both used and new cars.

Manufacturers like to entice buyers away from rivals with free insurance deals, free extras or cash discounts; 0% finance is another way of doing so.
What credit score do you need to get 0% financing on a car?
A 0% finance deal will be subject to your credit rating, which needs to be as high as possible.

0% finance deals will be approved at the discretion of the lender, so the credit score will be taken into consideration alongside other factors.

For reference, most credit scores (including Experian, Equifax and VantageScore) are between 0 and 850, with anything above 750 being classed as excellent.
Top Tips shopping for 0% interest deals
Top tips when looking at 0% car finance deals
As 0% finance deals are often only available for a limited time, people can sometimes feel rushed into deciding. As with any finance deal, it pays to do your research properly.
  1. Make sure you read the terms and conditions properly. Check whether the 0% interest rate is a fixed rate for the duration of the contract or an introductory offer that could change after a few months.

  2. Make sure you can keep up with the monthly payments. Shorter loans normally result in higher monthly payments, and you may face additional costs or fines for missed payments.

  3. Compare the car’s price and see how much it sells for elsewhere. In some instances, the dealer may add the interest to the price of the car to make their money back.

  4. Check your contract for any additional or unexpected costs.

  5. Compare the overall cost of your 0% finance deal with other deals on the market. You may find a low interest rate deal, with a lower deposit and smaller monthly repayments, more suited to your budget.

  6. Don’t give up. You may not be accepted for a 0% finance deal, but you may be offered another deal. Just make sure the deal you end up with suits your budget and your lifestyle.