Owning a car is about so much more than just transport, the values of the brands we associate ourselves with an important statement about our personalities and tastes. Adapting these qualities in the transition from the internal combustion age and into the electrified future is a particular challenge, and one some are managing better than others.

The likes of Tesla are already there of course. Others, like fellow finalists Jaguar, are finding inventive ways to repurpose their heritage to this new era. Our winner is another brand with a formidable history, and its success in both internal combustion and pure electric realms is testament to the quality of its products. It is, of course, Porsche.

The sports cars it has always been associated with remain benchmarks in their sectors, while its SUVs are also hugely popular and desirable. Its dramatic arrival into the electric age with the Taycan is where it is really making its presence felt, though, and this award demonstrates its mastery of maintaining its brand image through tumultuous times.

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