The first rule of car photography is to make sure the car looks good enough before you even think about even picking up your camera. So, ensure it’s clean and tidy inside and out. Smarten it up with a good wash and throw away any clutter from inside.

Naturally, you want the car to stand out in the photos, so when you’re deciding where to photograph it, choose somewhere bright, with a plain background. You don’t want anything near the car that will draw people’s eyes away. Remember, too, that you need somewhere with enough room to get all round the car, and if possible, only shoot the car when it’s dry and in daylight.

When you take the photos, try to take them from a natural height. Don’t crouch down or stand on something to make them look more dramatic; take them from the kind of angle from which someone will expect to look at it.

Finally, take a good selection of photos so that any prospective buyer gets a complete view of the car – inside and out. We recommend taking all these, and choosing the best for your advert:
Front corner
Rear corner
Front straight-on
Back straight-on
Side profile
Close-up of a wheel – especially if they are alloys
The dashboard
Front and rear seats
Inside the boot
The engine bay
Any damage to your car
With a convertible, take a picture with the roof down and one with the roof up

  • Make sure the photos are in focus
  • Shoot in bright light, but not direct sunlight
  • Don’t photograph a wet car
  • Clean the car thoroughly beforehand
  • Always keep the whole car in the shot, unless shooting details

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