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Rolls-Royce Ghost

  • tickStunning power
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  • tickUnrivalled status symbol

Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost saloon (2021 - )

Black Badge is Rolls-Royce’s sub-brand, or ‘alter ego’ as the marque has it. Designed to appeal to a younger, brasher audience, its mixture of darkened styling and more power has resulted in the average age of a Rolls-Royce customer dropping below that of sister brand Mini. The Ghost is the latest model to receive the Black Badge treatment. To read about the non-Black Badge Ghost see our separate review here.
Our verdict

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Rolls-Royce Ghost running costs

Fuel consumption, insurance, residuals and tax.

Rolls-Royce Ghost safety

Driver aids, airbags and alerts.

Rolls-Royce Ghost features

Driver technology, media and styling.

Rolls-Royce Ghost reliability

Warranty, servicing, durability and build quality.

Rolls-Royce Ghost interior

Space, materials, boot size and comfort.

Rolls-Royce Ghost performance

Power, handling, fuel and range.

Our expert review

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What can we say? The Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost is expensive to buy, expensive to fuel, expensive to tax and insure and take into low-emission zones, not to mention expensive to trim and personalise. But that expense propels it into the stratosphere of the truly wealthy, which means in turn it preserves its rarity and symbol of extreme privilege. Rolls-Royce patrons, as the brand refers to them, rarely buy one as their only car, so this section is really an irrelevance. Moving on…

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