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5 Best electric bikes

Which are the best electric bikes you can buy? Here’s our current pick of the best, ranging from monkey bike equivalent to full-on ‘super naked’, from clever commuter to middleweight all-rounder and leaving space for a stylish, original, city slicker, too!

Phil West

Words by: Phil West

Published on 5 December 2022 | 0 min read

There are few things more certain that electric powered two wheelers are the ‘coming thing’. And while the two-wheeled brigade still lags behind four-wheelers in terms of public take-up, partly because bikes are more of an enthusiast or leisure product, that’s changing fast, with more electric two-wheelers of every type coming onto the market almost every week.
And what a diverse marketplace it is. There’s already everything from electric urban runabouts that may be the equivalent of petrol-powered monkey bikes, to faster, more powerful and perhaps more practical 125cc-equivilent scooters which are proving ideal commuters in city areas and as delivery machines. There is also a growing group of more stylish but still lightweight and affordable battery powered bikes, which still make viable commuters but with a style and street cred all their own. And then there’s the larger electric-powered machines, the ones which are the more obvious alternative to conventional motorbikes and with the performance and appeal to match, whether that be mid-range alternative all-rounders to petrol bikes like, say, Yamaha’s 900cc Tracer 9 or ultra-exotic supernakeds with the blistering acceleration and exclusive price tags to match. All of this, of course, is changing fast. Biking ‘big guns’ such as Honda, Yamaha and Triumph have been the latest to announce they’re about to launch their own electric machines. Others, such as Ducati and BMW, are also expected soon. But, for the meantimes, which are the best electric bikes you can buy? Here’s our current pick of the best, ranging from monkey bike equivalent to full-on ‘super naked’, from clever commuter to middleweight all-rounder and leaving space for a stylish, original, city slicker, too!

1. Sunra Miku Super – the battery monkey bike, £3499

While electric bikes still often seem to be finding their feet when it comes to style – conventional motorbike designs can be either too basic (Zero) or too expensive (Energica), scooters often lose luggage space to their batteries – this modern monkey bike interpretation by leading (but new to the UK) Chinese brand Sunra seems to have found its niche. With a similar, street savvy, mini, 12-in wheeled monkey bike style to Honda’s popular, petrol-driven MSX125 Grom, the Miku Super is equally ‘bang-on-trend’ as an urban, runabout. It’s also impressively delivered with smart looks all its own, has plenty of practical features (eg removeable twin batteries), competitive performance (three modes including Eco and a Grom comparable top speed of around 50mph), features (LED lights, smart digital dash, Smartphone connectivity and even touch ID security). In short, for a monkey it has it all, but in electric form. It even undercuts the Grom on price and comes in pseudo-Suzuki MotoGP colours!
Find a Sunra Miku Super here.

2. NIU MQi GT Evo – one of the best 125cc-style electric scoots, £4799

New in 2022, the is the Chinese electric brand’s new range-topper and the first with genuine 125cc-equivalent performance thanks to a new engine and battery. Essentially, it’s the previous MQi GT but with a more powerful 5kW rear hub motor, new, enlarged 72v battery and a fresh, smart, colour TFT dash which provides a few extra features via a smartphone app in place of the GT’s more basic LCD version.
The result elevates the GT’s performance from, say, 100cc equivalent to around 125cc, with a near-70mph top speed, 60-mile range, five-hour recharge and lots of neat features including a Smartphone app. It’s not cheap (but not bad either) and its style may be the same as come of NIU’s cheaper versions, but this is one of the most compelling electric scooters currently available with lots to like. Find a NIU MQi GT Evo here.

3. Maeving RM1 – the retro-styled electric alternative, £6990

Until now, most electric bikes have either been cheap, toy-like 125-equivilents, expensive Zero mid-rangers or ridiculous exotica like the LiveWire and Energica. This is different, with charming style, easy manners, impressive quality and value. Round town it’s almost irresistible.
Produced by British start-up Maeving, it brings a breath of fresh air to the electric revolution by being a 1920s-inspired retro roadster which means it’s distinctive, eye-catching and fashionable yet at the same time slim, light, full-sized (mostly due to its retro 19inch wheels) and easy to ride. Its ‘retro-mod’ design is well thought through. There are enough quality touches for you not to baulk at the £6K+ price (stitched leather seat, wire wheels and decent instrumentation among them); it’s well-built and its familiar, 125-equivilent performance is enough given its intended use. Who knew we’d have to go ‘back’ so far to go forward? Find a Maeving RM1 here.
Maeving RM1
Maeving RM1

4. Zero SR/S – the ‘credible’ electric choice, from £23,995

This top-of-the-range sportster from Californian specialists Zero is effectively a faired version of the excellent SR/F naked and is probably as good as current (sic) electric bikes get.
The naked SR/F was already one of the most convincing electric bikes available. This faired version adds extra style and versatility. Both share a new electric motor that is the current benchmark in electric performance, a stylish and fine-handling Ducati-style tubular steel trellis frame, decent quality cycle parts such as Sachs suspension that are on a par with most ICE machines, a new TFT dash that mirrors those of most petrol rivals and a style and all-round ability that raises the electric bike bar to (almost) that of conventional machines. This SR/S version, meanwhile, adds a stylish, protective full fairing and extra sporty style. It’s not perfect, but it’s probably the best and most credible electric bike so far. Find a Zero SR/S here.
Zero SR/S
Zero SR/S

5. Energica Eva Ribelle RS – the best performing electric bike yet, £27,540

While the Californian Zero electric range set the mass-market electric bike standard with their clean, minimalist designs, Italian exotica specialists Energica – the firm behind the MotoE GP series – remain unchallenged when it comes to high-spec, beautifully-styled, money-no-option sporting versions. They’re great looking (the Ego sportster’s fairing was used for Norton’s V4 superbike), well-specced (TFT screen, Brembo brakes, Marzocchi or Ohlins suspension, electronics etc) and, most importantly of all, they work. The Eva Ribelle was already the hottest electric super naked, with the new-for-2021 RS version, with an uprated motor and battery delivering acceleration and spec no other electric naked can match. In terms of sheer performance, it’s the most convincing electric bike argument so far, right up there with ICE super nakeds such a Ducati’s Streetfighter V4 or KTM’s 1290 Super Duke – if you can afford it, tolerate the fact it’s a little heavy and live with its limited range.
Find a Energica Eva Ribelle RS here.
Energica Eva Ribelle RS
Energica Eva Ribelle RS

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