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Review 1 month ago

Ford Transit Custom Trail Panel Van (2020 - ) review

For the Transit Custom buyer in need of something a little tougher looking - and capable of getting its tyres muddy - the new Trail and its higher-spec Active brother are great additions to an already impressive range
Feature 3 months ago

More than a Citroën Relay

In ‘more than a…’, we look at ordinary vehicles that have been converted into something extraordinary. Here we catch up with Emily from Van Life Conversions, a van conversion company based in Chelmsford, Essex, to see what they did with a Citroën Relay...
Ford Transit Custom PHEV Review 3 months ago

Ford Transit Custom PHEV (2020 - ) review

The best of both worlds? The Ford Transit Custom combines battery and petrol power to let appeal to those who drive in town but need longer range ability from time to time. Read all about it here...
Best Of 4 months ago

Top 5 delivery vans

Home delivery was rocketing in popularity even before the coronavirus lockdown forced vast amounts of people to work and shop from home. Companies that would have relied on walk-in customers have diversified and taken to the streets. If you’re looking for a delivery van for your business then one of these five vans will likely offer what you’re looking for.
Best Of 4 months ago

Top 5 vans under £10,000

The importance of a delivery van has rocketed in recent months, particularly as we have all been working at home more and more. Whether you’re new to the market or here to find your next van, we’ve found five great vans to help you out here…
Feature 4 months ago

Royal Mail trial new electric vans for deliveries

In a bid to reduce emissions associated with its operations, Royal Mail are partnering with London Electric Vehicle Company to trial their new VN5 prototype electric vans. These vans, based on a typical London taxi cab, will be used for parcel and letter deliveries later this month.
The top 5 electric vans Best Of 5 months ago

The top 5 electric vans

There might not be a big history of electric vans in the UK, but expect this to change rapidly as the number of battery-powered commercial vehicles is set to grow in the coming years. Here we recommend 5 great electric vans...
Best Of 7 months ago

Top 5 vans for under £5K

We know that sometimes you’ve got to work within a budget, so we’re here to help! Here is a list of our top-rated vans that can be found in our used section for under £5k!
Advice 8 months ago

Van owners granted MOT exemption due to coronavirus

The UK government has granted ‘temporary exemption’ of MOTs of vans to enable vital services to continue, essential workers to get to work, and allow the public to get essential food and medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak.
5 Businesses that you can run from your van Best Of 8 months ago

5 Businesses that you can run from your van

Thinking about buying a van to start your own business? The good news is that there are many different types of businesses that can be run from a van with no other qualifications needed other than a driving license. If you are stuck for inspiration then carry on reading as we share with you 5 of the most common businesses that can be run from a van.
Top 5 vans to live in full time - VW Bus Best Of 8 months ago

Top 5 vans to live in full time

There are a wide range of benefits to living in a van, with some of the most significant being the lack of rent or mortgage, and the freedom to travel while sleeping in your own bed every night. However, if you have been tempted by the potential perks of breaking from the norm and moving into a van, you may be wondering where to start?! Without a doubt, the first step is choosing the right van to make your home.
2020 Renault Trafic panel van review Review 8 months ago

Renault Trafic Panel Van (2020) review

Renault’s Trafic has been updated to meet emissions legislation. As well as new engines it gets some worthy new equipment, although some odd omissions remain
VW Transporter 6.1 Feature 9 months ago

New vans for 2020

A whole range of new vans have been confirmed for the next few years, including a number of big players. We round up the best-of-the-best.
Review 9 months ago

Renault Master Panel Van (2020) review

Rejigged engines and updated safety technology are the highlights of a 2019 update that make the Master a bit more compelling, but still short of the class best.
Volkswagen Transporter Review 9 months ago

Volkswagen Transporter (2020) review

One of the longest lasting and most popular vans in the UK has had a significant update for 2020, with the changes visual, technical and mechanical.
Feature 10 months ago

Van security

Find out how to keep your van safe, including tips on van alarms, van locks and security systems. Plus: take a look at how burglars will try to break in and learn some top tips to deter them

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