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Learning how to drive a truck

All you need to know about learning to drive a truck - from what licence you need to how to get a CPC.

  • Find Out Which Licence You Need To Drive A Lorry Or Bus

    Do you love the idea of spending your life behind the wheel of a large vehicle like a lorry or a bus? There is a high level of demand right now for...

    Guide 2 years ago

  • How do I become a truck driver?

    If you're looking to drive trucks or HGVs, then you're in luck. The UK haulage industry employs more than 2.5 million people and is the fifth...

    Advice 2 years ago

  • Guide to Truck Driver CPC Training

    If you want to drive a truck, bus or coach commercially then you’ll need to obtain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence or Driver CPC. If...

    Guide 2 years ago

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