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5 motorhomes under £20,000 Best Of 1 week ago

5 Best motorhomes under £20,000

Thinking about buying a motorhome? A budget of £20,000 puts a wide range of comfortable models within your reach, including everything from cosy 2-berths through to large 6-berth motorhomes with space for all the family.
Best Of 2 weeks ago

5 Best motorhomes for under £15000

Getting away from home and seeing the world might, given the current circumstances, seem like a bit of a dream. That doesn’t mean holidays won’t happen in the future. After all, you can start planning now!
Advice 1 month ago

Can you live in a motorhome UK?

The thrill of the open road - and the chance to move to a new location whenever you want - can make the idea of living in a motorhome very attractive. So, can you live in a motorhome in the UK, and what practical things do you need to consider?
Advice 3 months ago

How to store your motorhome safely over Winter

If you’re looking for a motorhome right now, it’s natural to have some concerns surrounding winter storage. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until warmer weather rolls back around? Not necessarily!
Best Of 3 months ago

5 Best 2 berth motorhomes

If you are looking to explore the country in style, then a motorhome is a great choice. Offering flexibility, convenience, and ease, this type of vehicle enables you to travel at your own pace. Ideal for couples, a 2-berth motorhome sleeps up to two people comfortably.
Best Of 3 months ago

5 best 4-berth motorhomes

4 berth motorhomes are perfect for families of 4. With a motorhome you’ll gain home comforts without the stress and strain of towing a caravan. If you’re after a 4 berth motorhome, you can discover 5 of the best ones on the market here.
Best Of 3 months ago

5 Best 6 Berth Motorhomes

6 berth motorhomes can sleep up to 6 people. As one of the most popular choices of motorhome, it can be difficult to determine what some of the best 6 berth motorhomes are, which is why we’ve done the research for you.
Review 3 months ago

Bailey Adamo 75-4I review

New for 2021, the Bailey Adamo 75-4I combines the best of British manufacturing with continental convenience for a match made in motorhome heaven.
Best Of 4 months ago

5 best new motorhomes

These are the 2021 motorhomes to consider for peace, practicality and performance on any pitch.
Review 6 months ago

Benimar Tessoro 463 Review

With four-berths of fun and functionality, the Benimar Tessoro 463 has some trick touches that will raise the game on any holiday. Stand-out spec details include huge sleeping spaces and storage for almost anything you can imagine.
Photo credit Baileys of Bristol Guide 7 months ago

5 tips to make your motorhome homely

A new trend is emerging amongst British workers in need of ways to manage remote working and travel for work. According to our new research 1 in 5 adults feel employers have a moral responsibility to provide motorhomes for their employees to work away in. With motorhomes set to become the working away ‘new normal’ we explore ways to make your motorhome more homely.
The rise of the motor-office Feature 8 months ago

The rise of the motor-office

With social distancing set to be in place for the foreseeable future, a new trend is emerging amongst British workers in need of ways to manage remote working and travel for work, according to new research. Could a motorhome be your next office? Read more to find out...
Aberafon, Gyrn Goch, Caernarfon - perfect for couples Best Of 8 months ago

5 popular sites to staycation in your motorhomes

With international travel looking to be problematic in 2020, Brits are looking to holiday closer to home. There are many great places to visit in the UK, here are 5 popular sites you can take your motorhome to.
8 reasons to take a staycation this year Feature 9 months ago

8 reasons to take a staycation this year

With international travel likely to be more problematic this summer, Brits are looking for new forms of accommodation as they plan UK-based holidays. There’s so many benefits to owning your own motorhome, including taking last-minute holidays whenever you feel like it. Here are just some of them…
More than a Volkswagen Campervan Feature 9 months ago

More than a Volkswagen Campervan

In ‘more than a’, we look at ordinary vehicles that have been converted into something extraordinary. Here we catch up with the charity ‘Forever Manchester’ on how they’re using a Volkswagen Campervan to drive their community outreach.
Holidays in the UK could return by July News 9 months ago

Holidays in the UK may return by July

It might be a good time to dust off your motorhome as, under the government’s ambitious plans to revive the UK’s tourism sector, holidays within the UK could be possible, as early as the beginning of July.
Ford Transit Conversion Feature 10 months ago

More than a Ford Transit

In ‘more than a’, we look at ordinary vehicles that have been converted into something extraordinary. Here we catch up with Liam Allen from SSL Conversions, a camper conversion company based on the edge of the New Forest to see what they did with a Ford Transit..

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