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How to charge your e-bike on your motorhome holiday

E-bikes are extremely popular right now, especially with people who do camping trips. But what happens if a battery for an e-bike needs to be charged while on holiday? We'll go through how to charge your e-bike while you're travelling, as well as some important considerations and additional gear.

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Published on 2 December 2022 | 0 min read

Why are e-bikes so popular with motorhome owners?

E-bikes are being brought on motorhome holidays by more and more individuals, so they can explore their arrival destination on two wheels.
It is no accident that many tourist sites now cater specifically to e-bikers as a possible target market, providing, for example, planned routes and tour options. More and more people who enjoy camping bring their own electric bikes along. And it makes sense because riding on your own e-bike is more convenient than trying to find a public bike, or bike hire company. An e-bike may be carried on a bike rack, or in your motorhome. Once you arrive with your e-bike, you’ll find the range of activities you can take part in notably increases. It is also much easier to park an e-bike than a motorhome. Because of this, lots of people park their motorhome at a site and use their e-bike to get about day to day.

How do I charge an e-bike on a motorhome holiday?

With a motorhome, you have a few options if you need to recharge the batteries after running out of power.
One option is at your campsite pitch: the infrastructure is simple to use and you won’t have to worry about the charging infrastructure, much like when you are at home. With most e-bike batteries, you can charge them either on, or, off the bike by removing the battery. It is recommended to charge your e-bike indoors so it is probably best to remove the battery. Lots of e-bikes use regular 3 pin plugs, which are compatible with wall sockets. This means you can charge your e-bike battery while you're on the go. If you want to charge your e-bike through your motorhome, things get a little trickier. You will need to check if the voltage connection for charging is adequate for the e-bike battery chargers. If it is not, you may want to explore using an inverter. We hope this helps explain why e-bikes are a great accessory for motorhome owners, and how to charge them while you are on holiday.

Where can I buy an e-bike?

You can buy e-bikes onAuto Trader Bikes.
If you want to know more about which e-bikes are best, you can read our recommendations here.

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