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5 motorhomes under £20,000 Best Of 1 day ago

5 Best motorhomes under £20,000

Thinking about buying a motorhome? A budget of £20,000 puts a wide range of comfortable models within your reach, including everything from cosy 2-berths through to large 6-berth motorhomes with space for all the family.
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5 Best motorhomes for under £15000

Getting away from home and seeing the world might, given the current circumstances, seem like a bit of a dream. That doesn’t mean holidays won’t happen in the future. After all, you can start planning now!
Review 4 weeks ago

Auto-Sleepers Kingham review

With everything accessible and easy to use, this is a campervan of convenience for any couple to enjoy.
How to sell your motorhome on Auto Trader Advice 4 weeks ago

How to sell your motorhome on Auto Trader

It’s easy to make money from your old motorhome with Auto Trader, you could make thousands of pounds - why wouldn’t you? Find out how to sell your motorhome on Auto Trader, hassle free.
Advice 1 month ago

Can you live in a motorhome UK?

The thrill of the open road - and the chance to move to a new location whenever you want - can make the idea of living in a motorhome very attractive. So, can you live in a motorhome in the UK, and what practical things do you need to consider?
How to sell your motorhome on Auto Trader Guide 1 month ago

Our tips for selling your motorhome on Auto Trader

Whether it has provided you with years of adventure and wonderful memories or has been sitting on your drive with the weeds slowly climbing up the sides, you've decided that it's time to sell your motorhome.There's no better place to sell your motorhome than Auto Trader. Reach the biggest audience of serious buyers looking for a motorhome like yours.
Advice 2 months ago

How to store your motorhome safely over Winter

If you’re looking for a motorhome right now, it’s natural to have some concerns surrounding winter storage. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until warmer weather rolls back around? Not necessarily!
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5 Best 2 berth motorhomes

If you are looking to explore the country in style, then a motorhome is a great choice. Offering flexibility, convenience, and ease, this type of vehicle enables you to travel at your own pace. Ideal for couples, a 2-berth motorhome sleeps up to two people comfortably.
Best Of 3 months ago

5 best 4-berth motorhomes

4 berth motorhomes are perfect for families of 4. With a motorhome you’ll gain home comforts without the stress and strain of towing a caravan. If you’re after a 4 berth motorhome, you can discover 5 of the best ones on the market here.
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5 Best 6 Berth Motorhomes

6 berth motorhomes can sleep up to 6 people. As one of the most popular choices of motorhome, it can be difficult to determine what some of the best 6 berth motorhomes are, which is why we’ve done the research for you.
Review 3 months ago

Bailey Adamo 75-4I review

New for 2021, the Bailey Adamo 75-4I combines the best of British manufacturing with continental convenience for a match made in motorhome heaven.
Best Of 3 months ago

5 best new motorhomes

These are the 2021 motorhomes to consider for peace, practicality and performance on any pitch.
Advice 5 months ago

Motorhome insurance explained

Getting the correct insurance for your motorhome, is, quite simply, a legal requirement. The last thing you want is your holiday being ruined or cut short due to damage or accidents. By following our guide to getting the best, cheapest insurance, you can go away feeling reassured that if you do face any issues, they can quickly and easily be sorted by your insurance company.
Advice 5 months ago

Motorhome Finance Explained

Finance can be confusing, you need to know your balloon payments from your monthly instalments, and your PCPs from your HP. Let us help you understand them.
Advice 5 months ago

How to get cheaper motorhome insurance

Finding cheaper insurance for your motorhome doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you have the right tips and tricks to hand. Learning more about the insurance cover you require can help you to find the best policy and save money.
Advice 5 months ago

Top motorhome insurance tips

To help you to navigate the motorhome and campervan insurance minefield, here are some top tips to help you get the insurance cover you need for your motorhome at a price that suits your pocket...
A guide to applying for motorhome finance Advice 5 months ago

A guide to applying for motorhome finance

If you’re considering using a finance option for your next motorhome purchase, you need to take the time to research all the information you need to make sure the finance package is suitable for you prior to signing the contract. Let’s look at these in more detail.