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Most Reliable Brand 2023 – Lexus

Find out why Lexus is the 2023 winner of Most Reliable Brand

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Published on 15 June 2023 | 0 min read

In possibly the least surprising result of the year, Lexus has taken our Most Reliable Brand award – for the second year in a row. Its reputation for amazing reliability (and exceptional customer service, as it goes) just keeps getting stronger.
It’s self-evident why any buyer would want their car to be dependable, and reliability is always in the top five most important things consumers look for in their next car on Auto Trader. Lexus is as sure a bet as you can make, although the other two brands on our shortlist for this award are also Japanese – Toyota and Honda. But what separates Lexus out is the sheer number of owners who just have a trouble-free experience from the brand’s range of premium SUVs, coupes and saloons. “Quality”, “reliability” and “comfort” are words that come up frequently, and it seems the Lexus experience is creating customers for life. “I wish that I had bought a Lexus years ago,” said one owner. “It’s the best car that I have driven. I would never go back to another model.” High praise. Well done. Lexus. Return to the New Car Awards homepage