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Try, Buy, Dream – October 2023

This month’s pick of the best cars out there to try, buy or just dream about!

Erin Baker

Words by: Erin Baker

Published on 27 September 2023 | 0 min read

Trying a car has never been easier - lots of car brands now offer subscription services that allow you to run one on a monthly basis, with no down payment or exit fee so you can swap in and out of different models with minimal notice. Or you can lock in for longer, on a leasing deal, which still means you just pay a monthly amount and hand the car back at the end of the deal.
Then there’s the Buy choice, whether it’s paying for the car with cash or signing up to a fixed termfinance deal with the option to buy the car at the end. These are cars that make good long-term sense. And finally, our fave section, for dreamers everywhere. The new luxe stuff, the wishlist option or the “treat yourself” splurge, depending on how big that bonus is. Enjoy this month’s offerings.


Hyundai Ioniq 5

Yes, Hyundai has joined the growing ranks of brands offering a monthly subscription through its Mocean website, with lots of its models, both new and used, on offer. A no-commitment sub is the best way to test an electric car to see if the plug-in life is for you. The retro-yet-futuristic Ioniq 5 is a cracker to start with as well, given it’s big hatchback with super-cool styling that turns heads, a simple (some might say boring) interior, good tech, lots of safety systems and plenty of space. The monthly price looks steep but you get comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover, road tax (or VED if we’re being proper) and any servicing during your user period. And, best of all, there’s no deposit. So, before you baulk at the price, add up all your monthly outgoings on your current finance agreement, then ask yourself how much more you’re willing to pay for the freedom of being able to give the car back if electric doesn’t work out for you. Could be worth it. Discover the Hyundai Ioniq 5


Fiat 600e

Look at that face! Flirty, heavy-lidded eyes on the Fiat 600e frame the gleeful front end of this supersized, raised-up 500e. For those who love the diminutive 500e but find its tiny packaging too small to be of use the 600e is the answer. Like the Mini Countryman, the Fiat 600e has lost none of the brand’s city-car cred, with joyous paint colours, synthetic leather made from recycled water bottles, and beautiful mixes of pale blues and creams inside on some versions. The touch-screen is a good size for a small car, boot space is doable, you’ve got Apple CarPlay and there’s even a massage function for the driver’s seat if you go for a more expensive version. There will be a petrol hybrid version soon, but we say plug in for a pure electric ride. Read our full Expert Review


Mercedes-Benz SL

Old-school, glamorous, a petrol-guzzling speed slayer and scion of the glory days of the open top sports car, the SL is a Dolce & Gabbana Little Black Dress or the Lauren Bacall of the road. Which is to say slinky, husky, powerful and sexy. It’s the occasional Silk Cut you can’t quite kick. Put simply it’s about a thunderous V8 engine, all-wheel drive, open roof, gorgeous interior and seductive bodywork that oozes desirability. There’s an SL43 with a downsized four-cylinder engine that’ll be kinder on the planet and your wallet, but a car this expensive and gorgeous isn’t going to be an everyday driver (although it’s easy enough to use as such) so we don’t feel too bad in suggesting you buy one. And we do suggest just that. Because, 60-plus years on, the Mercedes SL is still the ultimate expression of all we love about the motor car. Go all-in for the SL55 or SL63. Freeeeeeeedom! Read our full Expert Review