As the home of Hollywood, Los Angeles is full to the rafters with icons of the movie business. However, when we went there recently, it was to meet a true icon of the motoring business.

Ever since the original Mercedes-Benz SL emerged way back in 1954, the car has been synonymous with luxury, opulence and, most importantly, style. The question is, however, can the latest facelifted version of the car provide enough glamour and desirability to make it everything an SL should be?

To find out, we drove the car down the Pacific coast of California, from Los Angeles to San Diego. Along the way, we stopped off at some suitably swanky settings, to get a little taste of the highlife that SL buyers will undoubtedly be used to. And believe us, it tasted good.

We hope you enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed making it.

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