Drive Like the Stars

Stars and their cars

Celebrities are forever being snapped by the paps in their fancy cars, from a footballer’s blingy SUV to a singer’s sleek soft top. So it won’t be surprising to hear that many of us daydream about what type of car we’d go for if we were one of the rich and famous.

Luckily for you, Auto Trader has created a quick game for you to play and see which celebrity’s car you are matched with using a monthly leasing budget.

We’ve valued 10 celebrities’ cars and worked out how much you’d need to pay per month to lease the same make and model.

Pick a monthly budget and play to find out your celebrity car match.

£1,796 pm

  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63

£228 pm

  • Toyota Prius Hybrid

£313 pm

  • Mini Cooper Hatch

Celebrity Vehicle:  1 / 10

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