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Kia Carens

  • tickAffordable to buy and run
  • tickGenerously equipped
  • tickPleasant interior feel

Kia Carens MPV (2016 - )

The Carens will be appealing to MPV buyers because it looks good, has a nice interior, is very affordable to buy and run, and you still get a lot of standard equipment for your money. It has a very flexible seating arrangement, too, but unfortunately, it simply isn’t as spacious as many rival MPVs, and for many buyers with big families, that’ll be a deal-breaker. It’s not as polished to drive as many of its rivals, either.
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If you’re unfamiliar with Kia’s latest products and you’re expecting the Carens to have a cheap-feeling interior, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. The materials on display are mostly very impressive, with a nice mixture of finishes and textures. There are one or two panels that aren’t of quite such a high quality, but most of them are well hidden and still feel pretty sturdy. The driving position is very high – which will be a godsend for some drivers and a nightmare for others – but other than that, there’s lots of adjustment for your seat and steering wheel. Your visibility is also pretty good in every direction.

The layout of the dashboard is fairly simple, with the various controls being presented in logical clusters. Most of the buttons are large and well-marked, too, so they’re easy to hit at a glance. The exception to all that is the group of buttons positioned below the right-hand side of the steering wheel: they’re hard to see, hard to get at, and they perform all sorts of different, unrelated functions. The touch-screen infotainment system is pretty easy to use, though, with logical menus and brisk responses, even if the graphics look a little dated and the functionality is rather limited compared with the most clever systems on offer.

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